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Autonomous Social Precautions

We humans weren’t ready for the pandemic, but on optimistic notes, autonomous technologies like robotics and wearable technology can help us in a ‘preferable future’ to combat situations like this. We need automation more than ever before. Automation in our warehouses, agriculture, production and healthcare can greatly facilitate us to survive in a pandemic where […]

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The Hug Shirt

The Hug Shirt Clothing plays a vital role in social communication and it can broadcast strong social signaling. The clothes we choose to wear each day influence how others receive us, and the kind of first impression we put out into the world. In this prospect, the wearable computing device can offer new unique opportunities […]

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Spotify Controller T-Shirt

Tactile interaction is a common mean of communication which evolved with humans over time, but social media has depressed this basic mean of communication. Lack of in-person connections can lead to many mental health challenges. Close ties not only help nurture positive emotions, but they also cure the harmful effects of anxiety, depression and stress. […]

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