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Tell Your Own Tale

Project Description: What is the idea? ‘Tell Your Own Tale’ consists of an interactive puppet to craft stories from multiple endings. The name of the puppet is ‘RoopKatha’ meaning ‘fairytale’ in Bengali. It has tactile buttons on the surface from 1 to 8, which will allow the user to explore different outcomes from one story.  […]

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The higher you fly, the harder you fall!

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: This is a kinetic art installation which emotes the feeling of elevation with pride.  This indulges in an extended non-verbal communication from the user to his surroundings. Three capacitive touchpads and a do-it-yourself switch are coded to activate the NeoPixels and wings respectively. This project is a surreal mix of fantasy and feelings […]

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Police Pocket

Description:  ‘Police Pocket’ is an anti-theft alerting system. It is a sound-based, portable and detachable pouch which can be placed in any pockets to contain wallets. The intended user could be anyone who uses a pocket (lol…just kidding!). I have conceptualised this idea while travelling in a Subway one day when I came across a […]

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