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  Project Title Pressoles – Pressure sensitive soles   Project Description This project was a part and in continuation of the series of projects I made for the previous assignments. Keeping in mind the theme I had selected earlier, I decided to go ahead with it. I was planning on building something that is meant […]

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Enthu Tophat


Project Title Enthu Tophat   Project Description This project is an expression of energy and ecstasy that has been represented in the form of a wearable. The objective behind this was a fashioning ensemble that is easy to put on and stands out in a crowd. What began with the thought of creating something that moves […]

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Bling Choker


PROJECT TITLE Bling Choker – A neck-piece element to fashion at night.   PROJECT DESCRIPTION This project is a functional wearable that was designed as an element that one could fashion on their body (as a neckpiece). The thought behind this was an exploration into the types of buttons that I could create by the […]

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