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Chingo Pestañas (continued)

Concept This is the final iteration of a concept that started with the Expressive Wearables project: A decorative fedora with fibre optics incorporated into the design.  The microcontroller is sewn in to the upper lid of the hat interior.  I used glow-in-the-dark on the hat exterior, in a design that is inspired from the skeletal […]

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Chingo Pestañas (an abundance of eyelashes)

Project Description General Concept A decorative fedora designed with the intent of being worn by a musician, ie. a street or small venue performer.  The main feature is painterly decorum that is influenced by the Day Of the Dead artwork from the Mexican holiday Cinqo De Mayo.  Actuators used This aesthetic is achieved with glow-in-the-dark […]

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My Fidget

My Fidget Catherine Reyto | MDes | Digital Futures Description My Fidget(™ !) is a wearable accessory consisting of three components, that helps with habits commonly associated with acts of “fidgeting”, hair twirling in particular.  I devised an original, non-obtrusive system that could help in soothing the impulse to reach for my hair.  I targeted a […]

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