Week 2 Shaders

Note: someone please tell me how to embed the code in these posts because it seems I am the only one who can’t figure it out, and here I am pastebin-ing like a chump. Thanks in advance!


Code: https://pastebin.com/iu7Q6nai

This was an exercise in getting accustomed to using shapes to create images. These are layered circles – including the curves, which are made using background-coloured circles to cover other circles. I found the book of shaders editor’s built in number and colour adjustment tools made it pretty easy to arrange the shapes. In terms of tweaking the circle to take on slightly different curves, I’m still figuring that out.


Code: https://pastebin.com/ndrG1uTa

This is a simple pattern made using a grid. I struggled to figure out how to get access to use the pixel position within the larger canvas, rather than within the grid cell itself. (I still haven’t figured it out). I understand manually designating which row and column combinations to render which set of instructions, but I wonder how to introduce a bit more randomness.

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