Week 1 Homework


For Week 1 Homework, the first shader I created is an RBG gradient called Seafoam Gradient. I love the range of colour in this one because it reminds me of the view of a horizon looking straight into the sea on a sunny day.


The second I attempted to create 3 different colours using HSB coordinates rather than RGB.  My attempt resulted in what I call Chrome Reflection, as it reminds me of the reflection of light hitting some chrome finish on a sports car.



Finally I decided to explore animation and shaping functions by creating this rudimentary water ripple that moves with u_time.


ripplecode1 ripplecode2

Through the process of creating these three shaders, I learned that a lot of variables can be adjusted from a quintessential line of code, and finding the cornerstone of the code is essential in manipulating the shader. What I found exciting was the use of u_time and all the ways it can be applied in the texture coordinates to produce unique results or animations. I struggled with correctly placing things like U_mouse or u_time in a way that matters or in the way I want them to matter. I also didn’t understand the significance of conditionals in shaders, as there seems to be no condition other than when you put in true, which makes it seem like commenting the code would have the same effect.

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