Week 2 Homework

seed seed2

For week 2 I experimented with creating circles and combining them with colours and animation to explore what is called sacred geometry in this glyph commonly referred to as the seed of life.  At first I just wanted to create 7 interlocking circles that all met in the center, but as I brought in the colours and overlapped them in a clockwise fashion, I realized overlapping them with transparent white circles would bring attention to some unique relationships in this shape, so I decided to create a static circle around the inner seed, while using another pulsing circle that expanded close to the perimeter of the shape.  Finally I encapsulated the whole shape in a slowly pulsating egg.  The actual process of getting everything perfect in composition and getting the animation timed the way I wanted was a painstaking and time consuming endeavour, but it was valuable in teaching me what variables within u_time animations would affect the outcome, to either pulse at a certain time or the span of the transformation over time.

seedcode seedcode2

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