Week 5

For the week 5 homework I worked with Ryan Boyd. Having difficulty porting my shader, after hours of reviewing and checking near every word in comparison to working examples of mine and Ryan’s. Offering it up to Ryan’s perspective he quickly noticed that in my alphabetical subconscious tendency I had written (‘shader.frag’, shader.vert’). Which by reversing their order he got my ported shader working.



Another shader worked on was the displacement shader. Using an image of newspaper collage and animating it to scroll like our social and news feeds, I displaced the image texture referencing the color and replacing it with an image sourcing the colors of a COVID cell under the microscope. The texture displacement was animated to resemble the flashing lights of an alarm illuminating the scrolling news feed.

in reference to the amount of COVID related art pieces I named the shader:

1540 new pieces of COIVD art were recorded today



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