Week 10

week10.1 week10.2

The first shader I made is just a psychedelic texture adjuster that fracts and animates different channels from the screen position. The second shader is a camouflage texture that essentially is supposed to take a texture to “model” the initial camouflage off of which is then added on with alpha clipping making the camouflage actually invisible.

Week 3 Homework

week3 week3.1 week3.2 week3.3 week3.4

Since this assignment was built off of week 2’s homework I wanted to keep at least one of them as similar to the previous as possible while following the criteria. So for this assignment I added different uses of the random function to the shapes in the shader, which are also all noisy. For the rectangle I made it grow and shrink while filling with noise, this was the same for the triangle with some property changes. For the circle I made each segment from the 2×2 cells come in one after another in a clockwise motion, while also growing and shrinking. This helped me get some practice messing around with random and noise functions to learn more about their uses.

Week 2 Homework

week2 week2.1 week2.2 week2.3

Originally I was going to make a 5×5 grid which changed to the current 10×10, which in each 2×2 cell was going to have a circle, square, triangle, and gradient. However, while working this changed to having the rectangle in one cell and having a quarter of a circle each of the 2×2 cells to create a whole circle in the middle. Added on, I combined the triangle and gradient together to create the yellow and orange gradient in the top left of each 2×2 cell as well. I like the way it ended up compared to how I was imagining it beforehand, and I also learned about creating gradients with shape functions in a more unique way.