Electronic Accessories by Koli



1. LED Coin Purse

Description – LED coin purse is an electronic accessory that reminds the user to close / button the purse once they keep the coin inside. The coin purse has a small LED attached on one side, which lights whenever the purse is opened. This brings the user’s attention to close their coin purse before coins / money is misplaced.

Discussion – I would like to make a larger version of this bag with more LEDs that light up once it is opened, reminding the user to close it. Also, I would like to embed the circuit inside the purse so that the breadboard and Arduino is not out in the open. This reduces the aesthetics and usability of the bag.

Process and functioning – The bag has a copper taped button hole along with an aluminium button. Both of them are connect to the digital and ground pins respectively.The functioning is controlled by an Arduino Nano 33 iot. Once the button is attached to the button hole, the circuit is closed, this turns OFF the LED.


Code – https://github.com/Krishnokoli/Body-Centric-Technologies/blob/main/LED%20Coin%20Purse

Circuit diagram –





2. Pulsing Heart Brooch

Description – The Pulsing brooch is a wearable LED jewellery that is supposed to be worn on the shirt, blouse or any upper torso garment. The heart brooch has a unique capability of Pulsating once the area around it is touched by the wearer. This gesture is to convey the emotions of ‘Love’ or ‘Gratitude’ by the wearer. Since, we are socially distancing during the Pandemic, this jewellery can help create better interpersonal relationship between the wearer and their audience. This brooch is created with the help of an LED Matrix. The normal mode for the brooch is a LED heart display, on touching the area surrounding it, the LED heart patterns begins pulsating.

Discussion –  The prototype is to be improved further so as to create a more sleek brooch, which can come in different shapes, not simply an led matrix. I would also like to introduce other emoticons or icons to convey other emotions, triggered by different actions. I also want to place the push button onto the brooch, instead of putting it on the underside of the shirt (which was placed for the convenience of display).

Process and functioning – The brooch has two parts which are an led matrix and a push button. The push button, when turned ON, activates a pulsating pattern on the heart in the LED Matrix. The functioning is controlled by an Arduino Nano 33 iot. Below is an open demonstration of the circuit.

Code – https://github.com/Krishnokoli/Body-Centric-Technologies/blob/main/LRED%20Pulsating%20Heart%20Brooch

Circuit diagram –




3. LED Colour Transpose Bracelet

Description – This bracelet is an electronic wearable designed to change colour once it is secured on the user’s wrist. The colour values keep changing randomly at a regulated time interval, when the magnetic button is secured in place. On opening the button, however, the colour change pauses at the very last tone. The button attachment completes the circuit, hence it is like a digital button that initiates the colour changing functionality.

Discussion – I was inspired by pearly bracelets to create this piece, and would like to improve the aesthetics further by adding pearl beading on each led point. I was also confused about how to switch off the LED strip completely once the button was taken apart. Let me know if you know a code that could help me turn off the LED, when the digital button circuit is open.

Process and functioning – The LED Colour Transpose Bracelets have an two magnetic buttons placed on two ends of the bracelet along with the LED strip placed between them. The LED strip consisted of individually addressable 5V lights that were directly connected to the Arduino Nano 33 iot. The buttons were connected from- digital and ground. When they were connected, the circuit was closed and the LED strip was programmed to change into random colours at regular selected intervals.

img_20210222_160811     circuit

Code – https://github.com/Krishnokoli/Body-Centric-Technologies/blob/main/LED%20Colour%20Transpose%20Bracelet

Circuit diagram –


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