Feel The Pressure



Parts and Materials



  1. Adafruit Circuit Playground Express
  2. Scissors
  3. Marker
  4. 10K ohm Resistor
  5. Alligator to alligator clips


  1. Conductive Fabric (2 Pieces)
  2. Velostat (2 circular pieces)
  3. Handkerchief (Non-conductive fabric)
  4. Sewing Needle
  5. Black Sewing Thread
  6. Circle Marker
  7. Electrical tape

Circuit Diagram


GitHub Code

Feel The Pressure Code

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Take the electrical tape and trace its shape on the two pieces of handkerchief with the marker. Cut out the shapes.
  2. Take the circle marker and trace the bigger side on the two pieces of Velostat. Cut out the shapes.
  3. Flip the circle marker and trace the smaller side onto both pieces of conductive fabric. Add tabs to the traced shape and cut out.
  4. Place cut out conductive fabric onto the handkerchief. Let the overhang tabs hang over the handkerchief. Sew the conductive fabric to the handkerchief.10
  5. Place the Velostat over one side of conductive fabric. Do not cover the tab. Place the other side of the conductive fabric side face down. The tabs should be on opposite sides. Sew around the edges of the handkerchief to attach the pieces together.11
  6. Sew the Circuit PlayGround Express and the analog sensor to the sock. Attach one alligator clip from one end of the tab on the analog sensor to 3.3V and another alligator clip from the opposite end of the tab to the a 10K ohm resistor. That resistor also has an alligator clip connected to Ground as well.ezgif-com-optimize


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