Dhyāi Sparsá by Simran and Krishnokoli




Dhyāi Sparsá is an immersive meditative device that is worn as a glove on the hand. The glove has vibrating points embedded on the chakra points on the palm, that help in the chakra meditation process.

Chakra based meditation is an age-old Indian tradition, which helps to soothe the mind, increase productivity, and has multiple other benefits. Traditionally located along the spine towards the brain, chakras are present in different parts of our body like our palms, feet, joints etc. Each point has its own benefits and is signified with a colour, form and raaga (sound tone).

This project is an extension of the Dhyai Drishti, which was a touch based Chakra meditative experience, using visuals and sound. The project was created during our Creation And Computation course, by Kate Hartman and Nick Puckett, in our first semester at OCAD.

Experience Video

Project Images



image: top – palm view, bottom – structure

Project Context

This project was inspired by several haptic and sensory driven meditation aid products. We have listed some of the most important references below.

1.Healy – Frequencies for life, https://globalfrequencynetwork.com/chakras/

Healy is a frequency based unique healing device that aids in holistic solution to pain, sleeplessness, anxiety and helps in creating an atmosphere of positivity and mindfulness. It is attached to the body with clips, that help distribute the frequencies to the wearer, aiding them in numerous ways.

2.Nadi X Yoga pants –  https://vimeo.com/251850319

Nadi X yoga pants is yoga pant created with woven technology which makes it easier for users to practice yoga alone. The yoga pants are wirelessly connected to the user’s smartphone and enables them to correct their posture if they do go wrong.

3.Salted, Smart Insole for golfers, https://www.salted.ltd/insole

Salted smart insole is an IoT-based wearable device and mobile app, which offers digital healthcare solutions to maintain “balance” in everyday life.  With Bluetooth, users can connect SALTED Smart Insole to the mobile app to assess their posture and receive personalised exercise recommendation.Embedded sensors that analyze user’s walking and gait patterns provide real-time feedback with 12 different vibration patterns. It’s chargeable, waterproof and sweatproof.

Project Code

While developing our project we, developed a version that has an LED matrix embedded on the top of the hand to visually indicate, others which Chakra the user is meditating on. The LED matrix changed pattern according to the symbol of the activated chakra. However, after further contemplation and discussion on the same, we decided, that meditation being a personal activity, we would not want to broadcast, the chakra to others, than the actual wearer, and hence removed it from ur final prototype. However, coding the LED matrix was an interesting experience. Below, are two code, one with and one without the matrix.

vibrating motors code

vibrating motors and LED Matrix code




Image: Top- circuit diagram, bottom – actual execution and wiring

Parts, materials and techniques


  • Arduino Nano 33 IOT
  • LED Matrix MK7129
  • Vibrating Motors
  • Push Buttons
  • Conductive Fabric
  • Jumper Cables
  • Conductive Thread
  • PCB Board
  • Copper Tape
  • Soldering Iron + Wire


  • Nonconductive thread
  • Needles
  • Glue Gun
  • Felt
  • Precision Knife
  • Scissors


  • The motors are connected on the points of chakras across the palm.
  • Conductive fabric is placed on the finger-tips, which are connected to the arduino to create digital switches. The conductive fabric on the thumb is connected to the ground pin, so that each specific mudra can switch on a motor, on the palm.
  • We have tried to use our learning from prototype 3 – digital switches for the mudra switch, prototype 5 – electronic textiles for creating our own custom breadboard and connecting it with conductive thread, and finally prototype 6 – haptic feedback for our vibrating motors.

Further Developments

We would like to create a bodysuit which would be wirelessly driven, and vibrations triggered by hand mudras will be vibrated across different points on the body, to help in meditation process.


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