Wearing Lights




The bicycle glove is designed for urban cyclists who rides for long distances with their group. The main purpose of designing this glove is to help the night riders to indicate directions to the other riders behind them in the dark. This glove will also help to communicate turning intentions to other vehicles on the road.

The bright LED lights on the back of the gloves makes it easier for cyclists to locate their group members and clearly understand the directions that are being instructed. The ON/OFF feature of the glove is coded in such a way that the glove is off when the cyclist has his hands on the handle, so that he doesn’t get distracted with the bright light. But as soon as the cyclist moves his hand away from the handle to direct others, the LED lights turn on.

I’m a cyclist myself and I have experienced that at night and during winters when it’s very foggy  with minimum visibility , it gets very difficult to indicate directions to the car behind or to instruct the fellow cyclists as well. Therefore this product enhances the safety of a cyclist.

In this project, I have soldered about 11 LED’s together in a frame according to the design on the glove. All the LED’s connect together to a single positive and negative wire on the breadboard. I’m using the gyroscope sensor to record the moment  so that the LED’s can turn on accordingly.







Parts –

  1. Arduino Nano 33 IOT
  2. LED bulbs
  3. Jumper Cables
  4. Resistors
  5. Breadboard

Materals –

  1. Pair of gloves
  2. Soldering wire and Soldering iron
  3. Sewing kit
  4. USB cable
  5. Powerbank



Soldering all the LEDs in a particular shape was the most challenging part of this experiment.








Cycling is an essential mode of transportation in cities. Bicycle safety is the most critical problem, and as more riders take to the streets, cyclists are looking forward to increased road safety. Cycling, on the other hand, continues to face difficulties in terms of protection, convenience, and accessibility. There are a number of things you can do to stay safe on the road, particularly in low-light conditions.

Bicycling at night can be unsafe because cars don’t see you. Only by using lights will you remain visible. There are many products already in the market such as bike lights/reflectors that make the cyclists more visible. The LED headlight for bicycle is a very good product for the riders to see till far off distance in the front. The loud electric bell is also one products that makes it easier for cyclists to show their presence around in peak traffic hours as it is much louder than the traditional bell. Revolights system is one really good innovation made for night riders. Revolights system includes a front shining light that projects on the road in front of you, lighting your path, and the smart brake light flickers when you hit the brakes to show traffic you are slowing down ensuring a clear and safer parth for the rider.

There are a lot of cycling groups that go for bicycle hikes together. Specially during the time of the pandemic, cycling has become an activity that is enjoyed by everyone yet they are exercising at the same time. There are a lot of people who have cycling groups and go for hikes. Therefore the light indicator on the gloves can make it easier for the person following to locate his/her partner or group members even from far off distance.




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