Morse Messenger


Clinton Akomea-Agyin, Krishnokoli Roy Chakraborty

Project description

Morse Messenger is a small Wi-Fi connected device which enables two or more users, separated by distance, to connect by sharing light signals with each other. The device is operated by touch and helps send signals, secret messages or simply letting your loved ones know that you are thinking about them. On touching each of the buttons, a different light pattern is produced. This light pattern is visible to both the primary user and their loved ones. The secondary user can also reply using a light signal from the other end.

Morse code, as we all know is an alphabet or code in which letters are represented by combinations of long and short light or sound signals: it transmits a signal of continuous dashes in Morse. Through this project we wanted to explore a variation of the concept morse code, where users can develop their own codes over time and create a unique method of communication, which can be very special to themselves.

Code Links

Krishnokoli’s code

Clinton’s code

Experience Video


How It Works Video


Project Images

Both members of our team took the liberty to create different structural variations of the same concept. While one of our structures took inspiration from a flower bouquet and a gift box, the other was inspired from a zen aesthetic intending to generate a sense of calm on the viewer. Both pieces are meant to serve as a night lamp as well as a decorative item.

Experience 120201206_001045873_ios-copy

20201206_001045873.      20201206_001045873copyb

Experience 220201206_001045873_ios

20201206_001045873_ios-copy        20201206_001045873jpg


Development Images

microsoftteams-image-2       microsoftteams-image-3


Experience 1


img_20201202_105919        img_20201204_165423

img_20201204_190355       img_20201204_193926

Experience 2

img_20201204_202156      img_7695




Circuit diagram, created on Fritzing



Project Context

We initially came up with the idea for morse messenger while conceptualising on how to connect people over a distance. Often times, this is easily solved with the help of social media, phone calls, text messages, emails, etc. Our idea was to connect people in a more subtle yet thoughtful way, hence we went about ideating on what makes communications between loved ones special. Our conclusion was that people love to personalise their communication, create secret codes and messages and this is what makes their communications special.

In our project Morse messenger, we tried to achieve this subtlety and personalisation of communication by propagating communication through light. Each touch button produces a different pattern for users on both ends. The users can react to each others messages without exchanging any words and yet have fun trying to converse through lights.

We took our inspiration primarily from two projects. The first one being Friendship Lamps and the second being Let’s meet.

Friendship Lamps

Friendship lamps, which has flooded the market since its inception has revolutionised long distance communication. This wifi connected device, changes colour and helps connect you with friends and loved ones.

Lets’s meet

Let’s Meet, is an idea focused on people’s need to stay in touch and the difficulty associated with maintaining long distance relationships between family friends and lovers. This product is connected over wifi and is shaped according to designed interactions for replying the proposed meeting time: yes, no and maybe. After one sends the proposed time, the other one can reply yes by pressing front side the product down to the table; no by shaking the product toward both sides; and maybe by slightly tap the product once and leave it keeps rocking. After replying, both products actuate corresponding motion synchronously.

While this piece is currently displayed as Zen terrarium and bouquet of flowers, which can be representation of a gift, we intend to create further versions of it in the long run which could be box of chocolates or an aquarium etc. The device can also serve as a decorative piece, to liven up a small corner of the room. The aesthetics of the physical forms are designed to create a sense of calm and well being.



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