Hello, my name is Anna.


Hi, my name is Anna.

 I’m not entirely sure what to say… I feel like I’m writing an ad for a dating website. So I guess I like candle-lit dinners and taking long walks on the beach. Just kidding.

I am nineteen years old and I’m from London, Ontario. I graduated in 2008, but decided I would return to high school for a victory lap in the fall. I thought I wanted to go into psychology, but I ended up dropping out of the semester and realizing what I truly wanted to do. My high school photography teacher told us to NEVER pursue a career in photography, because it is such a competitive field and we would live a starving artist lifestyle. But then I thought, so what? I rather live my life doing what I love, even if I am a starving artist. At my interview for OCAD I showed up with a portfolio of photographs and had forgotten to write the piece on why I should be accepted to OCAD, so I had to write it on a piece of lined paper with a pencil. When I walked into the room there were so many other individuals with huge canvases and sculptures. I wondered why I was even there, doubting that I would be accepted considering I’ve never taken any formal art classes before. And now, here I am! Never doubt what you may be capable of.

I am currently in first year art, and I want to major in photography (evidentially). I mostly enjoy to do themed photography. I love the entire process from planning a theme with an underlying meaning, to setting up a shoot, to styling a models hair and make-up and clothing, to capturing the image itself. I love digital photography, but not as much as I love film. Today almost anyone can be a “photographer” in the digital world. Film photography is a long process but I find it so enjoyable. I also enjoy photo manipulation, videography, fashion and music. I am a singer/song-writer as well as a musician. I play the violin and piano self-taught. I have had some really exciting opportunities and am currently working on my own music. I would say my music has a jazz/soul/ambient vibe to it, and I hope to do some local shows soon. 

You can view my photography at www.flickr.com/photos/annavalerio

As much as I am nervous about taking some formal art classes at OCAD, I know it’ll be worth it in the long run.



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