hello my name is brianna.

hi everyone!

my names brianna premo, i’m 19 and from sault ste. marie. whenever i tell people where i’m from, 9/10 people have NO idea where it is; its about an 8 hour drive north from toronto. i’m new to the whole ‘big city’ lifestyle, but i’m really liking it so far : )

i’m at OCAD for photography, but my interests could always change come second year. when i applied to OCAD i was nervous, because if you were to put me on a scale for my artistic ability, i’d be around a 4 – drawing and painting don’t come naturally to me. i’m hoping that me being here will help me out with my drawing ability and push me to try new things! my favourite thing about photography is the whole concept.. coming up with the idea, creating the sets/dressing the model(s) the way i see them in my head, i love everything about it. so i’m hoping that my creativity will help me out with everything new i attempt here.


during my graduating year in highschool i applied to college for child/youth worker.. what i thought i wanted to do. but i realized that it wasn’t for me. so i took the next year off (sort of) and went back to highschool to do a co-op placement at a photography studio. after working there i realized that photography was the field i wanted to make my career in.. maybe work at a magazine, or americas next top model (dreamss).

“i don’t plan my life, i always let the day surprise me”.. that quote pretty much sums it all up. my future plans haven’t gone exactly as planned, but i think there at least going in the right direction now. i’m looking forward to being in time-based media with all of you, and getting to know you all better! i’m also hoping to take alot of what we learn in this class and put it towards my work and future works. so i’m ready to be surprised everyday and take on new challenges that OCAD throws at me : )

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