Anna’s Video Project

The process I went through for my video project was very time consuming but overall rather enjoyable. I filmed a music video for the song “Everything In It’s Right Place” by Radiohead. The song is originally about four minutes long but unfortunately I had to cut it down to two. This was one of the most difficult tasks for me since I wanted to incorporate many parts of the song into my video… I cut the song down into a few parts and had some difficulty piecing it together so that it didn’t sound choppy. As for the actual filming/photographing process, it was done over the course of three nights. In the end, I had over an hour of footage… all for a two minute video. I really had to choose the best parts and cut everything down to fit it in. The editing process also took quite a while, but I enjoyed it and didn’t have many difficulties with it. This video was based off of my interpretation of the song and it is meant to be obscure… So if you get lost, you’re right where you should be.

Everything In It’s Right Place

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