brianna’s video proposal

for my video assignment, i keep going back and forth with ideas and can’t seem to pick one. I’ll hear a song and come up with an idea for a music video i could do. I also wanted to incorporate some photography and make a stop motion video, having the series of images tell a story and have it play with the music. I think i’m leaning more towards doing the stop motion movie because i’ll be able to do pictures, which is what i enjoy, and also incorporate the music/music video thought i had.

there will be one main character, possibly another one, but no more than 2. I haven’t decided on the for sure storyline of the character yet, but with whatever song i pick, the pictures will go with the lyrics/theme of the song. I’m excited to work on this project. I love using video editing softwares (i’m only really familiar with windows movie maker) so i’m excited to learn how to use imovie and incorporate all the effects that are offered and make it a really cool project : )

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