Brooke Wayne’s Video Project Proposal

The main idea of my video will revolve around the concept of time, and will actively challenge the natural sequence of time; in essence, it will be manipulating time itself. By utilizing several film techniques such as the variety of shots (point-of-view, bird’s eye view, worm’s eye view, long shot, wide angle, etc) and effects (playing certain clips backwards, faster, slower, etc), this will allow for the message of the film to be transcended to the audience in an unique way.

The film will start with small tiles that contain letters on them spelling out a quote; “the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion” by Albert Einstein, backwards, to see the quote being dissolved into separate letters into a pile. This will be followed by several clips of day-to-day routine life in downtown Toronto, starting with nighttime and going towards morning time (and the afternoon times in between as well) which is where the variety of shots come in. Finally, the film will be concluded with the “title” of the film spelt out in tiles: “Illusions Of Time” (tentative title). This way, the entire film will have been made backwards, or at least out of order – quote, film, title, when most movies have the title beginning and the credits/text usually going at the end. This method of rearranging the order will allow for the film to be open to interpretation – to allow for others to question their experiences and perspectives on these three variables of time: past, present and future in terms of Einstein’s quote.

– Brooke Wayne

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