Brooke Wayne’s Video

Check it out here: Disorienting Time.
Shooting Script: Download Here.

Synopsis: A two minute video combining these key elements; time, illusion, manipulation and disorientation. Filmed in the heart of downtown Toronto at various times throughout the day and night. Looking back now, I realize I was very fortunate enough not to experience any particular technical issues during the filming and editing process. I mapped out each scene in detail, giving myself a bank of different shots to play around with for each scene, and including the time and location to shoot each particular scene. I allowed myself to have a lot of flexibility during the editing process and had no mindset on which scene was going to be sped up/slowed down. During filming, I moved around at a location, determining which particular view was most interesting and which shot fit well with the particular location based on my little plan. The part that was most challenging for me was filming an entirely seamless scene. Since I can’t exactly cut and paste to my fitting due to the nature of these scenes, I had to retry many times, and shoot more than once to give myself a pool of options. Editing was a lot of fun on the other hand, whereas I got to play around with the speed and order of the film. In the end, I am happy with my finished product and would love to have another opportunity to experiment with video again in the future.

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve also attached the “shooting script” that I mentioned. The video on my personal webspace has been re-uploaded in a more larger and higher quality version.

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