David’s Video Project

So my video is about the seasons. Specifically Autumn. The Canadian fall is a special time of year, one where we settle back in to our general-life routines after a period of blissful warm weather and a more relaxed attitudes. Spontaneity¬†gives way to caution as the weather cools and the leaves change color. We spend less time outdoors and much more time getting dressed to go. We tend to make plans to meet friends more, where we might have just counted on running into them at some point in the warmer months. We flip up our collars and hoods and suddenly remember all the short cuts we’ve ever known.¬†It’s a unique time of year in that as we miss the summer, and our hands are always cold, we also try to make the most of the last bit of civil weather we will see for a long time. Because around the corner is the nasty blue monster called Winter.

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