eduardo’s video proposal

Synopsis: Night arrives and the darkness invades the city. In his room, the creature awakes. He begins to get ready for his night out.

To create this atmosphere I will use candles, shadows, and black clothes. As he gets ready the creature can’t hold back his excitement. He is going to dance, take a shower, have a good meal alongside his wine, and finally head to the balcony where he is going to fly away. He is not a terrifying monster, but a mischievous one. Not blood-thirsty, but one who just wants to have fun.

The video is not a “period piece”, rather everything is contemporary in style. My room will be the main set, and my friend will play the main character. The only difficulty I foresee, is the filming in the dark, which will be challenging for me. See below image for the lighting I want to achieve.

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