Jessica’s Video Proposal

For my video project I plan to film a bunch of dogs, up close, at different angles with a soundtrack which i am still deciding on. It sounds weird, but in my head it seems funny, just because it’s a dumb idea. I was inspired by an episode of South Park. Basically during this episode a kid creates a tv series that just shows shots of animals close up, with a wide angle lens, and for some reason it’s the top rated show. The writers were pretty much making fun of how easily people are amused by the pointless dribble they put on tv. I thought this was hilarious and would like to do my own take on this. I will try and incorporate as many angles as I can, and film the dogs, pretty much just being dogs. But some dogs will have dog costumes, some wearing sunglasses, some with funny hats, etc. I’ll be filming 9 different dogs in total     !  

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