Joanna Labriola

When we got this assignment I started brainstorming possible ideas. I thought of several different methods/techniques that might be fun to try out; claymation, music videos, white board/human stop motion, but in the end I decided that for my movie, I would really like to play around with photography stop motion. I thought up a neat little art related story and am planning on setting it to music.

Basically the story is about a artist who is “stuck” on a project. When inspiration fails to come, frustration takes over and the artist gives up and leaves. That’s when the stop motion comes into play. All of the art materials begin to move, cut, paste and create (seemingly on their own!) and by the end of the piece, have magically finished the project. The artist comes back, shocked and confused but happily surprised. I think that this is a fun idea that incorporates two of my passions, art and music, with another passion, film. Never having had much experience with film making before, I’m curious to see how I will do with the stop motion. But I am excited to get started!!

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