Jonathan’s Video Assignment

This video project has been pretty interesting for me. I couldn’t think of an idea, making an image is one thing, but a video is another, so I struggled with this for a while. It wasn’t until this week through calling home to old friends and some thinking outside the box that I came up with an idea. And then my idea rippled into my entire video, structured out, so that I could go home this past weekend and simply shoot what I needed. My friend, Halle Mead, was thrilled to star in my short stop motion film, also featuring her two twin girls, Armandy and Ryland, both a year old. I originally had talked about working with figures emerging out of light, like the tennebrism of Gentilleschi or Vermeer, but through a little trial and error, it would have been super hard to get the light I needed. To still achieve a similar but less dramatic contrast, I shot the video at dusk on a Nikon D700 with a 50mm f1.8. While the photos don’t look like they came out of a D700, take into account I was shooting JPEG basic small to achieve long bursts (like 100+) while shooting at 5fps, and high ISO (like 6400ish) with no flash , because the batteries could never hold up at 5fps. Shot everything, then processed it in iMovie, added music, transitions, worked out the stop motion, etc. I’m really pleased with the video. The accompanying music is Cat Power’s I Found a Reason and I think it really adds to the message I was trying to send. I won’t tell you what it is because you shouldn’t look for my intentions, so make your own interpretations! 🙂

I hope you like it, it can be found here.

Jonathan Hooper

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