Natasha’s video project

Filming and editing were probably two of the more easier things to do. I’m actually still waiting for my movie to be loaded into my usb thingy-ma-bobber. Loading the video clips on to Final Cut Pro was relitively easy, and when I got the hang of it, editing was relatively easy too. Here’s the kicker, loading the movie onto my usb stick(which i’m still waiting for but the hard part is over thank the lord, oh-my-god). That was so effing frustrating, you have no idea. It’s still being uploaded on youtube right now. My video is about what i bacially go through before i go to school. I’d say it’s kind of quirky. My goal was to create a film related to student life and since I am a student and this film was basically about how I prepare for school, i think i excecuted my goal efficiently. I uploaded my movie onto my server. Hopefully it works. if not, it is currently being uploaded onto youtube, the title of the movie is unorginal title mehhhhhhh. It’s taking forever to load so hopefully it works. Please lord, let it work. Last time i checked youtube, the video had no actual visual so i really really really hope for my sake that that works itself out. If it doesn’t work, I do have the Quick Time movie (WITH VISUAL) on my usb thingy-thing. Please let me know if neither works.

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