Sophy’s Video

The title of my video is “No Good For Fighting”. I basically did a story of two cats having a fight. One cat ate the other’s food and started out a fight, but at last the dished is flipped. Their master got mad and no one could eat the food again. I used zoon in, establish scene, point of view, long shot, bird eye shot, and close up shot. I also searched my background music from I recorded some werid noise when I was recording the video, so I recorded some videos just for the sound. I converted them into mp3 format and used them as background music as view. The video is not very good because of the limited time and other work from other classes, but I tried my best to finish it. It is very hard to ask my cats to act the way I want. It took me a long time and many shots to get the way I want. It also took me a while to search for the most suitable free soundtrack for my video.

Here’s my video, enjoy!

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