Anna’s Electronics Project.

I didn’t expect this project to be easy, but I also didn’t expect it to be as hard as it was. I wanted to create an LED human figure that lights up using LED motion sensors. I was unable to find motion sensors and ended up having to just use a switch to light the LED lights. Then I found a sensor that works using a light source…So the LEDs would turn on once a light is shinned on the sensor. However, this also didn’t work. The entire process was extremely frustrating for me. I tried watching youtube tutorials and doing anything I could to make all the LED lights work. I had to take apart all the wires I tried to connect, because they ended up sparking, burning out, and releasing horrible fumes. Due to time constraints, I have been forced to create a circuit using one LED and a switch. Therefore, out of all the LEDS on my project, only one works (which is slightly embarrassing). I’m not pleased with my final result and if I could I would like to fix it. I have video documentation of my process, but since I am going to submit the final product next thursday I will update my post then with a link to the video.

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