brianna’s final project idea/timeline.


my final project for this course is going to be a stop-motion video. i don’t want to repeat the same idea i had before, i just want to build on it. last time i had black and white images set to a song, and had the images going to the beat. i’m keeping the same concept, but “pumping it up” and taking it to another level. instead of just using hands to write the lyrics, i’m going to use different body parts;

– eye lids, arms, legs, feet, stomach, back, shoulder, kneck, lips, toes, fingers and still incorporate hands for some of the images.

i’m going into photography, so i’m sticking with what i know, and what i’m “good” at. since it’s my final project i want to do something im familiar with so i can make something well put together, and not getting frustrated on trying to do something i know nothing about.

here’s a link to my original video : )


november 20th:

i want to have my idea finalized and know exactly what i’m doing, and how i’m going to do it.

november 21st:

write out the lyrics to the song and plan out the shots and the pattern of the shots with the lyrics.

november 22nd:

i hope to start shooting, or at least go out and find areas/places to shoot.

november 23rd – november 26th:

have at least the first half of my images shot before next class.

november 27th – 29th:

take remaining pictures and have them all completed by that sunday.

november 30th – december 2nd:

edit the video.

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