Denise’s electronic project

My idea was originally the artwork that lights up with the use of a motion sensor. I tried my hardest to look for a motion sensor or as Kate suggested, some sort of step switch. I was not able to find any kind of switch. So I was basically left with using the switch that I had originally purchased.  I first had a toggle switch. I thought that if I were to use a toggle switch the piece wouldn’t be so interactive. I went back to the store to look for a more suitable light switch, that would possibly turn off after a certain amount of time. I asked the people at The Source if they had anything of the kind and they gave me a Momentary Light Switch. But when I tried it out, it wasn’t what I had in mind.

Anything is possible when you have more time definitely but sometimes we just have to work with what we’ve got. I’m a little bit disappointed about the end result. But I am proud to say that I know more about curcuits and that I can successfully hook up LED’s. This was a great learning exprience. In the future I might play around more with this sort of stuff.

Click THIS to see pictures of my process.

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