Eduardo’s Final Project

Inspired by my dedication to “swimming activities” (technically I suck at it, but it basically helps me to relax, think and have a good time), I will do a short video to show the interaction of water, light, time and movement. Somehow I would like to capture what those elements (when together) produce on me, which is mostly “pleasure”. Physical and mental pleasure.

I have complete access to a pool which is great because I can go anytime I want, in the morning, at night… Always, because the light and the time is different, the experience is different as well. Even the fact that sometimes the light is natural and sometimes artificial, and even sometimes there is none, the perception I have of of the water changes.

What I’ll do from now on is obviously start shooting and trying different angles, and then study them to see if I am capturing what I want, and if not then figure out how.

I’ll try with video and with stop motion as well, or maybe a combination of both. With this project I will possibly ¬†get a better understanding of myself, my own experience and my percepction of water, an element that I used to relate with negative feelings (old memories). I’ve changed that perception and right now it is totally the opposite.

In terms of time:

1. Start taking pictures ASAP > tonight (Nov 9), and also Saturday and Sunday. After that I will be able to do a preliminary sketch of it and see what works and what doesn’t.

2. Next week: video shooting at different times of the day.

4. Nex weekend: a more refined edition. Introduction (if needed) of effects and sound (music).

5. That will give some 3 to 4 days to finalize it and have it be ready to present.

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