Eduardo’s slow brainstorming

My brain hurts. I’ve been thinking a lot, trying to find a good idea for this project. Then I realized that “that” was the idea. (I know I should have posted this before, even before the last class, but for some reason I haven’t been able to grasp this electronic stuff properly. My apologies to everybody that works hard with their projects, and to Kate).

This is more or less my project: The brain is the organ where ideas are processed, memories are stored, and desires are hidden. Sometimes we “touch” some part of our brain and “boom!” some reaction occurred. So, I am planning to place (somehow) an open brain, connected to LED lights. The interactive part: when someone touches with his/her fingers some specific are of this brain (the finger will be the switch), the light will be activated and it will show what’s stored there: an idea, a good memory, a bad memory, a desire, a crazy though…

I am not sure exactly how I am going to build it. It will be great if I can find a mannequin head, or a big doll head, cut the upper part, put a weird stuff inside that represents the brain, and through the eyes of this doll projects somehow what’s going on in the specific area touched by the visitor. But I know me, and I don’t have the skills to build this kind of sculpture. So I guess I will ended up making it flat, probably it will be a picture of the brain, connected through wires to small boxes around it, and inside them the “thoughts”. The boxes will be dark until somebody touches the brain and actives the LEDs.

I am working with the technique that Kate showed me for my old idea (the painting), using the hand as the switch, to connect 2 pieces of metal and active the light. That painting idea was born out of “no ideas”, and I think that the switch technique is better used with this “brain” project. It could be more interactive, and it will allow working on a project in a more personal level (my own brain). Hope it will work.

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