Izaak’s final project

So i’m planning on doing the night light just because it seems like something i’d actually like to have. The entire purpose of it is that when there is a power outage the light will still work. Have you ever noticed that landline phones don’t stop working when the power is out? That’s because the phone company is sending a non-stop current to your phone jack so you’ll be able to communicate with the outside world in the case of a power outage. So today i have to go back to active surplus… i want to buy a light up button so it is always visible, then when you want more light you can simply flip the switch. then i’m going to spend the next week or so electrocuting my self in order to make the most consistant circuit possible. hopefully soon i’ll have figured out how i’d like to house the lights… then i’ll just have to make the brightest possible combonation of the lights and thier houseing.

active surplus > self induced electrocution > combonation of lights and thier housing.

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