Izaak’s kinetic sculpture, extremely late blog post

so i just realized i had to do a blog post for this… sorry about my terrible timing kate.

I got my inpiration originally from colour theory class. we were supposed to take inspiration from an animal and apply it to a work of art. Originally i had planned on doing a communicative hat inspired by bioluminescent shrimp but i decided that would be a better idea for my time base media project. The shrimp i was researching change from red to blue in order to confuse thier preditors and communicate with eachother. The simplest form of human communication is answering a yes or no question so i decided to make them the words my hat would communicate. I decided that leaning forward is a good way to communicate positivity so it became the motion for “yes” while leaning backward, pulling away from the person being communicated with would obviously represent “no”. i had alot of problems with the wiring but hopefully my demonstration was at least semi-functional.

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