Joelle’s Electronic Project.

Squirrel Issues…

My initial idea was to create my take on a perpetual motion device; a perpetually eating squirrel… I was drawn to the idea of mechanics and creating a movement with a motor other than the standard circular motion or even the back forth motion of a piston… I wanted to create an articulated movement.

With obviously no experience in engineering or mechanics I set out to make this thing… But I soon figured that the tiny eating motion would be too small. So I went on a tangent and decided to create a tail that could flick like a squirrel tail.

The premise would be to turn a section of rubber tubing into an articulated tail that would bend when a string fixed to one end was pulled down. This was based on the idea of a muscle pulling on bones to create motion.

By fixing this string to a freely turning spool that I MacGyvered with a piece of drinking straw over a piece of wire, the string would not get tangled when the motor would turn around. And by placing the motor perpendicularly, this would have created the pulling motion necessary for the articulated tail to move.

The tail and motor would have been fixed to a based to provide stability and to allow for the torque of the motor to pull the string.

Unfortunately the motor was not powerful enough to actually pull the string. When tension was put on the string, the motor would stop altogether. In theory, I think this would have worked if I had used a stronger motor.

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