Paige’s Electronic Project

I ended up changing my idea completely from what I wrote in my proposal (make a doorbell). I decided to make a Christmas tree light up but by removing presents from under the tree, the lights get brighter. The message I’m trying to project with this is that Christmas isn’t about the presents and being greedy but about giving and spending time with family.

I went to Active Surplus and purchased 35 6V lightbulbs and 6 packs of 4AA batteries and 6 battery holders to put them in. I also bought 8ft. of green and brown wire to blend in with the tree, red and green wire with alligator clips, an on and off switch, and a sauder. I began by attaching 12 of the lightbulbs together with the green wire and placing them on the mini Christmas tree I bought. I placed all the batteries in 3 mini Christmas bags and extra lights in 2 mini Christmas presents. I linked the tree, the 3 bags, and the 2 presents together with wire and alligator clips. This way, when you remove the two presents from under the tree you are removing approx. 15 lightbulbs from the circuit causing the ones remaining on the tree to become brighter. Enjoy!





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