Rosemary’s Final Project

Usually when I have an idea with a video, it typically begins with the score. I’ll create a narrative or an abstract collection of clips in my head while listening to a certain song or series of sounds and somehow attempt to make it tangible, and then subsequently film it to coincide with my primary vision. With this final project I decided to take a different approach and turn my crafting conventions on its head. I started by attempting to envision the subject matter first, and the thing that kept on bringing itself up in my head was the life from its ultimate beginning to its ultimate end. Coincidentally a lifespan is relevant to the media we’ve been studying in this class; they both rely on the constructs of time to exist. So using this idea and a totally different creative approach I decided to spice it up a bit and do the majority of the video abstract, mainly to test myself in the realm of videomaking. But yeah. I have a series of ideas written down but have yet to pick and choose which ones I want to take the time to arrange filming for, due to time constraints. Also, I haven’t chosen the song as of yet but wanted to pick a song with an ambient electronic feel to it to sort of coincide with the abstract. Right now I’m leaning towards something by Boards of Canada or Aphex Twin.


Saturday November 21st – decide what scenes I want to film specifically, have a song chosen.

Wednesday November 25th – have a rough storyboard, set up possible dates for filming

Thursday November 26th – good copy of a storyboard ready

Friday November 27th to Sunday November 29th – entire weekend of filming

Monday November 30th – edit the clips together roughly

Tuesday December 1st – clean up the clips and finish the video in it’s entirety

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