Sophy’s Gallery Visit

I am sorry about posting this assignment so late because I had trouble logging in the blog last week and internet problem these days.  I logged in the blog an hour before class started last week, but I only got enough time to post my final project proposal. My internet system of  home is down and I have Mondays and Fridays off, so I did not get a chance to post my review until today. I feel terribly sorry.

I went to the AGO for this assignment because I do not have to pay for the ticket and it is the most convenient gallery that I can easily travel. I live in Mississauga, so it is really hard for me to visit other galleries. I personally really like European art because my artistic style is very traditional and I got inspired the most by the European traditional painting. My favorite artists are Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo because I really like the cross-hatching style and their techniques of how they built up the values. I heard there is a great collection of European art at the AGO; therefore I went to the AGO just for the European art.

However, I was a bit disappointed about the European collection. I expected there were more famous European paintings and high-renaissance paintings. There are more modern artworks and fantasy paintings. There are only a small religious part that is very traditional: the subject matter, the high contrast and the use of smooth brushstrokes.

Although the artworks are not as traditional as I thought, I did enjoy visiting the AGO. This also inspired me to paint in a more modern way because my style is different from other students and most people at OCAD have a modern style. I tend to draw realistically all the time, but this leads to my lack of creativity. There is one part that I especially like at the AGO because there are a lot paintings with golden frames hanging on the wall like a French salon; the paintings are not realistic and they are about artists’ fantasy world. Most of them still contain high contrast, but they are not depicting reality. The paintings are still very expressive and have a clear meaning. I am just not very used to this subject matter. This also invokes me to make an artwork that is used traditional style to depict a supernatural subject matter. I feel that artworks do not have to be realistic all the time.

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