The Caged Bird: Jonathan’s Electronics Project

My original idea was a red canary perched within a rib cage, singing and moving. I had decided to go with making a wire-frame sculpture because I figured it would add great effect, but through experimenting, the wire was really difficult to work with and nothing went as planned. I wanted it to be originally life sized, but in the time I had and materials, it would have been near impossible. I drew up a design to make a wire-form bird that would idly breathe in and out, and I wanted to incorporate some sort of bird song through the use of speakers, but I found out that solder and an iron are pretty limiting for things other than circuits and didn’t have the means to make me exacting original plans. I incorporated a bunch of lights at different amperages and some fancy wire forming to create this sculpture. I’m fairly happy with how it turned out, however I’ve been revisiting this idea for a while and I don’t feel like I’m going to be happy with it until I have an actual ribcage and red canary installed somewhere. Here’s a link to the photo, wordpress won’t allow me to upload as always.

Jonathan Hooper

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