denise’s final project

For my final time-based media project, I have decided to create an installation piece. I thought of creating a spinning light source that projects images, or rather shadows of birds on walls. I also plan to accompany this with bird sound effects. I originally wanted the sound effects to be frightening but now I wouldn’t mind having a variety of bird sounds. For example: having peaceful sounds as well as creepy and terrifying. This will ultimately cause the observer to feel overwhelmed with different emotions and will allow the observer to escape into a different setting. This piece was influenced by Alfred Hitchcock’s film “The Birds.”

For the actual light, I have used two pieces of wood to create the base, a momentary switch, a motor, a piece of wooden stick to hold up the plastic container that is used as the shade that will evidently have the bird cut-outs (to create shadows). I also found these really large cheap Christmas lights that I will be using as the light source because LED’s wouldn’t help show the shadows. I would imagine placing this particular piece in a room with only white walls for a better contrast. If I had more money and time I would make the piece to be hung. Instead of it being on a stand I would want it to take as less space as possible, so that observers would not be distracted by the device.

Revisiting electronics was kind of a suicide mission from the beginning. I just wanted to challenge myself a little and make use of the left over materials I didn’t use for the electronics project. I thought that problem solving skills would work well here. As for judging the finish product as a piece of installation art, it really depends on whether the shadows are well shown and the combination of light, shadow and sound are effective for my presentation. There were definitely a lot of errors through the process of getting this assignment done. I did learn a lot and I will probably revisit electronics again, just not for school purposes. I think that there’s too much pressure, due to time restraints. Overall, I think that I did an okay job on the finished piece. I tried my best to make the idea in my head happen. I would change having the momentary switch to a dial switch so that I could control the speed of the motor and also I wouldn’t have to constantly push the button for the piece to work. I would’ve also experimented with different paper so that the shadows would show up sharper.
So I completely forgot to take pictures of my project and left it in my locker after class. I’m a complete idiot. And i’m most likely gonna pay for being so forgetful.


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