The Experiment – featuring Dr. Ekulsen Pete

What an exciting predicament that was not so exciting I was in. Forced to recede from my original ideas to the extent where I didn’t have to be a physics master, it opened up new possibilities to enhance my own film making abilities. Hence the wording of it being an experiment. Still, I did not want to stray too far from my notions of a Rube Goldbergian/Pythagoras Switch creation so I started off making contraptions which fell apart in  lieu of filming. I captured as much of my meager first attempts as I was able, but cut most of it out in processing and editing, as consequence, the video is lacking in the extra minute or so length that I would have required to obtain more of the atmosphere I wanted to build. I had some footage of Doctor Ekulsen running up the stairs, that didn’t work with the rest of it all because I wanted to keep a balance between him and the other elements, but as for the future, I definitely acquired some good shots to use in other projects or even possibly a recreation or better crack at this coconut. All in all, I think that I worked within my capabilities to produce something that was better all around rather than overambitious and lacking.

Watch the video on youtube here.

2 thoughts on “The Experiment – featuring Dr. Ekulsen Pete

  1. Hey Luke, your video was refreshing to watch – you seem intrigued by the chaos and mess that is in life (and also in your room). I appreciate how you went in a more artistic direction rather than a physics direction and as a result, produced a piece that was more realistically achievable. Those videos you also included of other Goldbergian/Pythagoras Switch/Chain Reactions were massively complex and difficult, but nonetheless inspirational. Despite your beliefs that you thought it was lacking, I thought it was very whimsical and unique! Awesome work.

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