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brianna’s final project :)

alright. so i have successfully completed my final project! it was a long process of editing, but i think it was worth it! i created a stop-motion video to the song “starstruck” by santogold. its made up of over 300 still images and 3 video clips.

heres the link to go see it;

hope you enjoy it! i had some difficulties and challenges while making it, but in the end it was all worth it.

i emailed my written statement, i hope it attached properly!

brianna’s final project idea/timeline.


my final project for this course is going to be a stop-motion video. i don’t want to repeat the same idea i had before, i just want to build on it. last time i had black and white images set to a song, and had the images going to the beat. i’m keeping the same concept, but “pumping it up” and taking it to another level. instead of just using hands to write the lyrics, i’m going to use different body parts;

– eye lids, arms, legs, feet, stomach, back, shoulder, kneck, lips, toes, fingers and still incorporate hands for some of the images.

i’m going into photography, so i’m sticking with what i know, and what i’m “good” at. since it’s my final project i want to do something im familiar with so i can make something well put together, and not getting frustrated on trying to do something i know nothing about.

here’s a link to my original video : )


november 20th:

i want to have my idea finalized and know exactly what i’m doing, and how i’m going to do it.

november 21st:

write out the lyrics to the song and plan out the shots and the pattern of the shots with the lyrics.

november 22nd:

i hope to start shooting, or at least go out and find areas/places to shoot.

november 23rd – november 26th:

have at least the first half of my images shot before next class.

november 27th – 29th:

take remaining pictures and have them all completed by that sunday.

november 30th – december 2nd:

edit the video.

brianna’s electronic project – picture light box.

okay, so.. my final project has changed from my original idea. there are still some things that are the same; i used a box, there are led lights and i used a tilt switch. i couldn’t figure out how to make my original idea work and still have it be interesting. and i knew that since i couldn’t come up with anything, instead of wasting time trying to figure it out i decided to come up with a new idea. i chose to do a “picture light box” because a) i like photography and b) i thought the idea was cool. i have the battery holder secured to the side of the box inside, the switch is then connected and secured onto the battery holder (it was the easiest way to make sure the ’tilt’ effect worked) i then have 7 led lights connected throughout the box. my one main setback with this assignment was one of the lights was burnt out when i first took it out of the package, so my original idea of have 2 picture light boxes turned into 1 picture light box (three lights weren’t enough to light the inside). the wiring of the circuit was easy, it was just the placement of the circuit inside the box that was tough; some lights were shinning towards the picture, causing i bright circle effect on the image, so i had to individually turn and place each light and secure it into place. overall, i know the concept and the design is simple but i learned A LOT from this project, and actually enjoyed making it. if i were to work on this some more and add to it, i now know what to do and how to add it.

here are some pictures of the inside and outside of the final design.

brianna’s project proposal.

so right now, i really am not 100% sure what i want to make. i keep getting the idea to make one of those jewlery boxes where the figure in the middle spins.. and i think i’m going to stick with that idea, add some led lights to it to make it more interesting. i’m hoping maybe to get more inspiration in class and maybe push my idea furthur and make it more interesting.

since i’m not very knowledged in this field, i’m hoping this project will inspire me to try other things with electronics and make something cool and really interesting to look at : )

brianna’s video project.

okay, so this is my video. the whole idea/concept is completely different from my original idea and my proposal. i actually like this more, i think its more creative than what i was originally going to do. the song is “You’ll Find A Way (Switch and Sinden Remix)” by Santogold. it’s made up of 370 still images. the process of writing each word individually on ourselves and taking a picture of it took 2 afternoons, and editing took 2 very long nights (about 4-5 hours).. it was tedious, but definitely worth it.

– heres my video : )

brianna’s video proposal

for my video assignment, i keep going back and forth with ideas and can’t seem to pick one. I’ll hear a song and come up with an idea for a music video i could do. I also wanted to incorporate some photography and make a stop motion video, having the series of images tell a story and have it play with the music. I think i’m leaning more towards doing the stop motion movie because i’ll be able to do pictures, which is what i enjoy, and also incorporate the music/music video thought i had.

there will be one main character, possibly another one, but no more than 2. I haven’t decided on the for sure storyline of the character yet, but with whatever song i pick, the pictures will go with the lyrics/theme of the song. I’m excited to work on this project. I love using video editing softwares (i’m only really familiar with windows movie maker) so i’m excited to learn how to use imovie and incorporate all the effects that are offered and make it a really cool project : )

brianna’s HTML assignment : )

i LOVE working with HTML and Dreamweaver. when i first learned HTML in my web design course in highschool, the first week i couldn’t stand it. but once i learned the codes and started getting the hang of it, i loved it. it’s fun being able to create your own page, put whatever you want on it, and make it look however you want it too! i didn’t have any troubles with this assignment, because i have the background in HTML, so i’m looking forward to learning new things i don’t already know!

here’s a link to my webspace –> 🙂

hello my name is brianna.

hi everyone!

my names brianna premo, i’m 19 and from sault ste. marie. whenever i tell people where i’m from, 9/10 people have NO idea where it is; its about an 8 hour drive north from toronto. i’m new to the whole ‘big city’ lifestyle, but i’m really liking it so far : )

i’m at OCAD for photography, but my interests could always change come second year. when i applied to OCAD i was nervous, because if you were to put me on a scale for my artistic ability, i’d be around a 4 – drawing and painting don’t come naturally to me. i’m hoping that me being here will help me out with my drawing ability and push me to try new things! my favourite thing about photography is the whole concept.. coming up with the idea, creating the sets/dressing the model(s) the way i see them in my head, i love everything about it. so i’m hoping that my creativity will help me out with everything new i attempt here.


during my graduating year in highschool i applied to college for child/youth worker.. what i thought i wanted to do. but i realized that it wasn’t for me. so i took the next year off (sort of) and went back to highschool to do a co-op placement at a photography studio. after working there i realized that photography was the field i wanted to make my career in.. maybe work at a magazine, or americas next top model (dreamss).

“i don’t plan my life, i always let the day surprise me”.. that quote pretty much sums it all up. my future plans haven’t gone exactly as planned, but i think there at least going in the right direction now. i’m looking forward to being in time-based media with all of you, and getting to know you all better! i’m also hoping to take alot of what we learn in this class and put it towards my work and future works. so i’m ready to be surprised everyday and take on new challenges that OCAD throws at me : )