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Final Project Idea – Charlotte

Last year I created twelve peices that were all different illustrations of traditional Ojibwe legends, and I want to build on that idea.

I’m going to create a stop-motion video of myself creating a painting that illustrates one of those stories. I’m not going to appear in any of the shots, it is just going to be of the slow process of the paint being applied. I will work with acrylics on canvas, as it is quick drying and provides opaque layers. The painting will be highlighted by a single spotlight over top of the painting on an easel so you are not distracted by the background.

My grandfather will voice over the story as the painting is being developed, and there will be some ojibwe-esque music playing in the background just to add some more interest and to add to the theme of the video.



-Have recording of story and music ready to go.

Begin preliminary drawings for the painting, begin to paint


-Finish painting w/ stop motion pictures, editing.

Charlotte’s Video Proposal

For my video proposal I want to create a short film using stop motion. The main idea will be about what happens to the things in your room when you leave. Ever since watching Toy Story my brother and I were obsessed with the idea when we were younger, so the video will be based around that idea.

The video will star y brother and his room, and will begin with him leaving the room, and then the objects will come to life and move about. He’ll come back in halfway through, and the objects will freeze in place, but not in the same place where he left them, which will then arise the suspicion, so he’ll be trying to catch them throughout.

Charlotte’s Webpage

Due to technical difficulties, this is gonna have to be late. I missed the six thiry deadline, so I’m assuming this’ll be a late assignment?

This assignment is all completely new to me. I virtually repel technology, I can hardly get my own tv to work at home. HTML really confused me at first, I felt like everything was shooting right over my head, nothing was clicking or making sense. I had to read everything over a few times. But it kind of makes sense now, I realized it has a bit of a pattern with start and end tags. CSS completely shoots over my head so I really have to do some reading on that. I understand what HTML and CSS are, its just getting my head wrapped around how they work and what all sorts of tags do that is the hard part. All of it is frustrating, because I feel like I’m the only one thats wayy behind, but hopefully that isn’t the case.

And as much as I’d like to do a screen shot, my computer seems to have lost the program “Paint” so I don’t really know where else to turn my screen shot into a picture.

Better luck next time eh?


And here’s a link to my webspace

Hello My Name Is Charlotte Big Canoe

I know, weird last name. Feel free to call me Big, Big Canoe, Biggie, etc. Its what most people refer to me as.

I’m eighteen, and coming from OCAD straight from highschool. I attended AllSaints Catholic Secondary School in Whitby, and was incredibly blessed with an amazing art teacher there. He pushed us hard – we had two full assignments due each week to complete a portfolio of 30+ peices – but it payed off huge. I wouldn’t be here without him, or my family. Generally, I paint with acrylics, or draw with markers. I have absolutely no experiance with any type of digital media, but excited to learn!

I don’t have a website for you to see my stuff, but do feel free to add me on facebook 🙂

See you all soon!

ps I tried to upload a picture, but my computer won’t let me for some reason, oh well 🙂