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Class Assistant/Outreach Coordinator, Faculty of Art

Jessica’s Final Project

For my final project I decided to make a video that focuses on color and movement, but also something that is visually pleasing to the eye. I was inspired by a Thomas Ruff piece, “substratum”, along with the swirling colors on my screen saver. These effects were obviously created by a computer, and I wanted to discover a way to physically create this effect of swirling colours. My solution was using food colouring and water. I tried to get a variety of shots, along with playing around with different lighting. I actually had a lot of fun with this project. Basically I filled a few different glass vases with water, along with my bathtub, dropped in the color, and film it’s movement and transition from one shape to the next, or one color to the next. Sometimes I would let the water be still, other times i shook the vase to see more drastic movement.

In the end I put all the clips together edited the speed. Sometimes the transition is fast, sometimes slow, simply because I edited the video to go insync with the song I have chosen “She’s a Rainbow”, which I thought was pretty appropriate considering the subject matter. I really enjoyed this project, and with probably continue with some photography of the movement of color. Enjoy the video.

My video wouldn’t load for some reason, and was timing out every time. Here is the link to my video:

The Movement of Colour

Final Project

I have decided to create a video, by using stop motion or film. My idea is very rough but i would like to create another visual study. i’m thinking something that focuses on the aspect of time, or even nature. i would like to show metamorphasis or a change over time. A song will play that ties into the concept. Right now i have a bunch of ideas i could focus on, but i’m not sure in what direction i will go in. some of my concepts include time, nature, human emotion, the feeling of music, dreams, our planet,the media, or even how i define love.

My time line for the next couple of weeks goes something like this…

1) Research ideas for project tonight, 2) Finalize my idea by within the next couple of days, 3)begin shooting over the weekend,4)have all my shots ready for editing by next class, 5)edit next thursday and the rest of the week

Jessica’s Video Proposal

For my video project I plan to film a bunch of dogs, up close, at different angles with a soundtrack which i am still deciding on. It sounds weird, but in my head it seems funny, just because it’s a dumb idea. I was inspired by an episode of South Park. Basically during this episode a kid creates a tv series that just shows shots of animals close up, with a wide angle lens, and for some reason it’s the top rated show. The writers were pretty much making fun of how easily people are amused by the pointless dribble they put on tv. I thought this was hilarious and would like to do my own take on this. I will try and incorporate as many angles as I can, and film the dogs, pretty much just being dogs. But some dogs will have dog costumes, some wearing sunglasses, some with funny hats, etc. I’ll be filming 9 different dogs in total     !  

Hello my name isJESS

hellllllo, as you may know my name is jess. here are some things that i like…

painting, drawing, photography, old music, old movies, thats pretty much it. my favourite artists are andy warhol and banksy. my newest favourite artist is elizabeth peyton. i enjoy photography, but to be honest i hardly know how to work a camera. i like music from the 60’s and 70’s era and my work is mostly inspired by my favourite musicains like bob dylan, the guess who, the beatles and the kinks etcetc. i like old black and while movies starring audrey hepburn and humphrey bogart. i like anything and everything from a simplier time. i look forward to learning and creating with you,