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Sophy’s Gallery Visit

I am sorry about posting this assignment so late because I had trouble logging in the blog last week and internet problem these days.  I logged in the blog an hour before class started last week, but I only got enough time to post my final project proposal. My internet system of  home is down and I have Mondays and Fridays off, so I did not get a chance to post my review until today. I feel terribly sorry.

I went to the AGO for this assignment because I do not have to pay for the ticket and it is the most convenient gallery that I can easily travel. I live in Mississauga, so it is really hard for me to visit other galleries. I personally really like European art because my artistic style is very traditional and I got inspired the most by the European traditional painting. My favorite artists are Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo because I really like the cross-hatching style and their techniques of how they built up the values. I heard there is a great collection of European art at the AGO; therefore I went to the AGO just for the European art.

However, I was a bit disappointed about the European collection. I expected there were more famous European paintings and high-renaissance paintings. There are more modern artworks and fantasy paintings. There are only a small religious part that is very traditional: the subject matter, the high contrast and the use of smooth brushstrokes.

Although the artworks are not as traditional as I thought, I did enjoy visiting the AGO. This also inspired me to paint in a more modern way because my style is different from other students and most people at OCAD have a modern style. I tend to draw realistically all the time, but this leads to my lack of creativity. There is one part that I especially like at the AGO because there are a lot paintings with golden frames hanging on the wall like a French salon; the paintings are not realistic and they are about artists’ fantasy world. Most of them still contain high contrast, but they are not depicting reality. The paintings are still very expressive and have a clear meaning. I am just not very used to this subject matter. This also invokes me to make an artwork that is used traditional style to depict a supernatural subject matter. I feel that artworks do not have to be realistic all the time.

Sophy’s Final Project’s Proposal

I want to do an extension of my webpage for my final project because I think that my webpage is a little too simple. I want to make it look like professional webpage, so that I will use it after I am done with this course. I also think that I feel the most comfortable with making a webpage and there are a lot of examples from the internet. It is not too hard for me compare to other projects. I got a really low mark on my video project and I am not a science person. The electronics project took me so much time asking people’s opinion, making the project, and testing.

I will add tables, a enter page, and some links to other webpage. I want to add my portfolio to my webpage and other websites that are useful for me. I will change most of the design of my webpage by adding my own pictures. I will redesign the whole page, so that I do not have to cite anything and I really make the whole page by myself. I would also like to add some background music to my webpage, so that it is not boring. I will also like to add a professional email contact, so that when people click the icon it will appear a email page.

I want to be half way done next thursday, such as posting all the pictures, words, and link. I will add the decorating, background, color and front  to the words after thursday. I want to finsh it next next monday because I want to finish it few days before the class and get more time edit it if I do not like the finish work.

Sophy’s Electronic Project

I did a spinning cat toy and it will spin automatically when the cat touches it. It keeps my cats busy and avoids them bothering me whenever I’m busy. I also want them to have more fun by creating a new toy. I  added some LEDs for the decoration and attraction. I used wires and solders to so the connection. I put everything in a box so that the wires are not showing. I added a card board under it and put foil on the card board. When the cat steps on two foils, the toy spins. I made wholes in the box to make sure the wires connect to the foils under the box and the LEDs on the cover of the box. I sewed the foils to a card board then to the socks to make them a switch. I sewed everything outside the box to decorate my cat toy and made it more an artistic piece. This is a photo of my work.

I also took a video of my cats’ reaction.

Sophy’s Electronic Proposal

I want to do something useful that I can still use it after the project. I think of a lot of great ideas, but I will stick with my ideas with cats. I want to do a movable cat toy, so that I can just turn that on and they won’t bother me whenever I’m busy. I have already bought all of the materials that I need and hopefully my idea works out. My cats love feather teasers, so I want to make a movable one. I don’t have to hold it all the time and it will automatically move by just turning my device on.

I bought a spinning motor, so that it will spin by itself. I want to add a light to the feather teaser to create more attraction to my cats. I bought a round metal box and will put all my things in it without showing any inside part. I will use fabrics to decorate my metal box. I bought some conductive foil. I will sew it to a little fabric and put them all the way around the teaser. I will put those two fabrics to my cats’ hands and connect them with wires, so that the feather treaser will be turned on whenever their both hands touch the end part. Hopefully my brilliant idea works out.

Sophy’s Video

The title of my video is “No Good For Fighting”. I basically did a story of two cats having a fight. One cat ate the other’s food and started out a fight, but at last the dished is flipped. Their master got mad and no one could eat the food again. I used zoon in, establish scene, point of view, long shot, bird eye shot, and close up shot. I also searched my background music from I recorded some werid noise when I was recording the video, so I recorded some videos just for the sound. I converted them into mp3 format and used them as background music as view. The video is not very good because of the limited time and other work from other classes, but I tried my best to finish it. It is very hard to ask my cats to act the way I want. It took me a long time and many shots to get the way I want. It also took me a while to search for the most suitable free soundtrack for my video.

Here’s my video, enjoy!

Sophy’s Video Proposal

There are going to be two main characters in my video and they are my two cats. I decide to film my two cats because they are two moving species. I don’t want to film an object to make a stop-motion video, since I rather take videos than photos. So, filming moving species is my only choice. It is hard to ask people to be my actors; therefore I am going to ask my two lovely cats to do my a favor. The story would be my sister giving meals to my cats, one of them eats the other’s food and starts out a fight, and finally no one can eat the food because they flip the bowl upside down during the fight and all the food are on the floor. My sister passes by at the end, they are all hiding to avoid punishment.

I decide to use establishing shot to show the enivronment first, close up shot to film the process of my sister giving out food to my cats, point of view to show two cats are walking toward the food, and long shot for the process of one cat stealing another’s food. I am going to use long shot, point of view, medium shot, birds eye view, and extreme close up shot for the fight scene and the last scene. I want to add some action background music for the fight scene and some relaxing music for the beginning scene. I will add some walking sound and ask my sister to say “what are you guys doing” before they hide away.

Sophy’s Webspace

Hi, this is Sophy and this is my webspace.

This is my first time dealing with html, so I keep it simple. I searched online to see the examples and the codes to create different style. There should be an orange border on the webpage and a different color scroll bar, but it shows differently in the school’s computers. There shouldn’t be any orange circles around the page. Maybe I used Windows at home, so it is different from Mac. I wanted to change the size of my background, but I couldn’t. I could only change the size of my photo on the page. I hope it still looks fine.

Hello My Name is Sophy

Hi, my name is Man Yan Sophy Lee, but I prefer people call me Sophy. Man Yan is my Chinese name and it sounds awkward when people calling my Chinese name, since even people from back home call my English name. I have two names because I was born in a fabulas city, Hong Kong. Hong Kong had being controlled by the Britian for 99 years until 1997, so most people in Hong Kong have two names. Hong Kong is just like New York City. People never rest and they are busy all the time. People like going out at night to reduce their stress because Hong Kong is full of entertainment. Shopping malls are everywhere and people can go there easily by any public transit. Some of the malls open till mid night and the stores are usally on sale, we don’t even charge for tax when we buy things. There are also night clubs, karaoke, beaches, and many more. Hong Kong is just a small city that travelling doesn’t take long. There is a special card that can be used in any public transit and certain shops. It will automatically pay the fee by simply putting it on a senser, so people can go anywhere by just adding money to the card.

Although Hong Kong is so wonderful, I choose to stay in Canada. I came here since I was in Grade 9. I enjoy the freedom here, since my parents are back home and I just live with my sister. The main point is I came to Canada for ART. Since Hong Kong is so populated, it’s really hard getting into a university and studying is tough there. I used to get 50s or 60s back home, but I got 80s or 90s here. I worked harder and studying is a bit easier here. There isn’t any specific art university in Hong Kong. Art is my life. I haven been drawing when I was really young. OCAD is my goal all the time, I wanted to come to OCAD since I was is Grade 9. I am not sure what I may going to next year, but I mostly do drawing and painting. I don’t like hands on thigns such as sculpture and printmaking. I haven’t been trained specifically on photography and film making, but I like taking photos and making videos in my leisure time. I have consider them for my major next year. I think I can earn more money by ending in either side, but I won’t give up my passion of painting and drawing; part time artist will probabIy my future.

Finally, I want to talk about my picture. That little kitten is the cutiest kitten ever! My sister and I like dogs more because we think that cats are lazy and full of pride. We changed this thought until we meet Oreo in a pet store. She likes to hang around with people and she always has a look that makes people want to hug her. After we got her at home, she jumps to our beds everyday to lid our lips to wake us up. She also has a unique sounds that will warm your heart. She always comes beside me when I wake up and makes some sound to make me hug her. Sometimes I am late because of her. She also notices I am opening the door when I go home and she will run to the door before I open the door. Therefore, I always have a good welcoming by seeing her at the door. My sister and I become so obsessed of cats and we end up adopting another kitten from Toronto Cat Rescue. Her name is Mocha. She is also cute, but I still love Oreo more!