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Natasha’s gallery commentary.

I also went to the Beautiful Fiction: Photography exhibit at the AGO. It wasn’t my plan to go there but I wanted to see more modern contemporary works and when I first entered the AGO a nice old lady asked me if I would like a tour. I said, sure. she asked, what would you like to see? Canadian art, European art, African art or contemporary and modern art. I chose contemporary and the lady took me to the 5th floor of the AGO to the photography exhibit. I thought it was cool how some of the works incorporated other things to make them so unique. For example, there was a photo of a city landscape behind trees but what really made it interesting and what really stuck to my mind was when the tour guide told me it was printed on felt. In disbelief of this, I had to take a closer look only to find it was in fact felt. The image that is now stuck with me is close up view of the soft texture of the photography. Another work that didn’t really look like photography was of multiple blurry shadows of a girl and at the bottom was  blueish neon lightsource to enhance the artwork. i thought that was really cool and stuck with me also. Of course, all the works were beautiful in their own way with mistifying concepts but there was a specific piece of art, a sculpture to be specific, that really demanded my attention, literally, the second I saw it. It was after I rounded a corner did I see this sculpture that i actually felt, “tripped” me out. Called  “Stretch #1,” it was a stretched head of a man. At first seeing it, i thought it was the weirdest photograph I had ever seen. I needed to get a closer look at it and in doing so, I discovered it was actually 3 dimensional. The artist incorporated the smallest details such as the bumps of freckles, hair or stubble on the chin, even hair from the artworks nose and ears was visible. Not to mention the over all effect of the stretched 3dimentional head that really screwed with my perception. I thought it was so cool. That was pretty much the last work I looked at before leaving the gallery. After seeing it, I had to get out and write about it because it left such an amazing impression on me. And that is pretty much my commentary on the photography exhibit at the AGO. 🙂

Natasha’s Mood Sweater! (Electronics Project)

It’s super hard for me to figure out how to add things(like photos) onto this blog so I created an account on flickr so that I can show my Project!

At first I thought my idea of combining LEDs with clothing to ultimately show an emotion, was simple, so, my thinking was, “I’ll just add more emotions!” It turns out creating the actually project itself was not so simple. I ended up struggling with the most basic things like lights(I didn’t use LEDs, I eventually went to home hardware and found packets of 25 small christmas lights, which had around 5 different colors. Super! Right? Wrong.), wires, batteries, soldering, switches. Essentially, everything was an issue. The wires on the lights were too fragile,breaking frequently. Soldering didn’t really improve anything drasticly. It took about 3 or 4 stops to a store to find the right switches. I had a short circuiting problem(smoke, hot, hot mess, melted plastic battery holder. It was bad.). Even figuring out the wire stripper took me a while. Eventually, I decided to simplify my project to two emotions: Happiness and Sadness. I took an old sweater I had lying around for some time, sewed 2 series of 8 lights, in the form of a sad face and a happy face, on the inside of it. Then I sewed on a switch on either front pocket and connected the switch to the lights. Unfortuneatly, when I connected the batteries to the circuit, it short circuited, leading to smoke and melted plastic and my sadness(I would have switched on the sadness emotion but it didn’t work because the battery was short circuited 🙁 ). My solution for that was to put allegator clips on the battery connector wires so that I can disconnect them before they short circuit. I couldn’t figure out a way to have the circuit connected at the same time and not short circuit, I’m sorry, I’m not an electrition. Booooooo. Anyways, I chose a white sweater because I felt it would be more transparent and letting the lights shine through more effectively. The green lights for happiness was not my primary choice. Infact, yellow was. Unfortuneatly, all the wires on the yellow lights either broke off because I wasn’t gentle enough, or when I made a circuit with the yellow lights, I figured out a way to screw that up. I also soldered the wires on that circuit so that I couldn’t detach them. Green light were just a default. The process for this assignment, much like the other assignments, was exhausting and frustrating but I am over all please with the outcome. I figured out a way to bring meaning to a circuit and what more, emotion. I hope you guys like my project!

On another note, Kate asked if multiple emotions could be turned on at once. Each emotion is its own circuit, so yes, more than one feeling could be expressed at the same time, though the two feelings I have are a little contradictory of each other so I doubt the user would choose that option.  

Natasha’s Electronics Project

So I’m still sort of brain storming here so bear with me but basically what I want to do is work with LED lights. I want to have multiple colours of lights to symbolize different emotions, ie; blue for sadness, yellow for happiness, red for anger, etc. What I will do with these lights is I will connect them to a switch so that when the user feels that certain emotion, they will press the certain switch connected to the specific coloured lights and then the lights will turn on to display the users emotions. What I thought would be clever was to arrange the lights into the pattern of a smiley face(for happy or yellow), or a sad face for blue, etc.

You might be thinking, “Ok, so you’re going to arrange different coloured lights into different faces, that’s great but what are you going to do with that?” Here’s where I’m still brain storming but I was thinking that I could combine these light patterns into clothing like a shirt or a sweater, or maybe even a hat. This way, the wearer quite literally may be wearing their emotions on their sleeves. The purpose of this would be for the user/wearer to be able to express their emotions with the flick of a switch. Another idea is instead of the smiley faces, I may arrange the lights in to the words “good” or “bad” and write on the article of clothing of my choice above these words “I am doing…”. You can sort of see where that is going. I’m still pulling ideas together but over all the goal is to create something someone can wear that expresses a feeling or emotion with lights.

Third times the charm

I finally works you guys! Youtube decided to cut me some slack! So I know you guys have all been really anxious for this. Here it is. Just to brief you guys on what exactly it is, the video is about basically being in my head. Since the film is supposed to be around 2 minutes, I couldn’t make it a whole day, obvious, so basically what I did was I filmed what I saw when commuting to school and using Final Cut Express I cut the film down to a series of shorter scenes and combined them with a voice over so that the smaller clips seemed to be narrated by my thoughts. The sped up car ride scene however wasn’t really with the theme of being narrated by my thoughts but I decided to bring a little diversity into the short film and have a little fun with some other editing tools from Final Cut Express. I hope you guys enjoy it!


It’s Natasha again

So my youtube video definitely isn’t working properly. I’m currently uploading it again. Just for the record, my youtube video is NOT supposed to be just audio. I’m trying as hard as I can to fix what I can, this project is so frustrating! I will post a link when my youtube video is working. It will be titled appropriately as “Natasha’s short film”. Arghhhh! Stupid technology!

Natasha’s video project

Filming and editing were probably two of the more easier things to do. I’m actually still waiting for my movie to be loaded into my usb thingy-ma-bobber. Loading the video clips on to Final Cut Pro was relitively easy, and when I got the hang of it, editing was relatively easy too. Here’s the kicker, loading the movie onto my usb stick(which i’m still waiting for but the hard part is over thank the lord, oh-my-god). That was so effing frustrating, you have no idea. It’s still being uploaded on youtube right now. My video is about what i bacially go through before i go to school. I’d say it’s kind of quirky. My goal was to create a film related to student life and since I am a student and this film was basically about how I prepare for school, i think i excecuted my goal efficiently. I uploaded my movie onto my server. Hopefully it works. if not, it is currently being uploaded onto youtube, the title of the movie is unorginal title mehhhhhhh. It’s taking forever to load so hopefully it works. Please lord, let it work. Last time i checked youtube, the video had no actual visual so i really really really hope for my sake that that works itself out. If it doesn’t work, I do have the Quick Time movie (WITH VISUAL) on my usb thingy-thing. Please let me know if neither works.

Natasha’s Video Proposal

My video, I’m pretty sure of, will be mostly filmed in a point of view shot. Nothing really is set in stone because I want to have a certain flexibility when it comes to the plot of the video but I want to make the plot about something that students can relate to (some pluasable ideas for a plot are in the second paragraph). What I am also thinking of doing is a voice over so that the video is narrated by the main characters thoughts. Unfortunately I’ll most likely have to be the main character because of my lack of “resources,” (cough, cough, friends, cough, cough) and he doesn’t know it yet, but I’ll probably have my brother starring in this video as well.

I plan to film multiple scenarios and experiment with multiple ideas. I don’t want to set in stone one plot just now because I fear that I’ll come up with something else that I feel is a better idea but then I’ll have to stick to my previous idea. Plots I am concidering include: the main character going through stress because of an assignment and how the main character will resolve the problem. Another plot I am considering is one I feel most people can relate to; some sort of sibling rivalry or an arguement between siblings. Another idea I have is using some sort of bluring affect to signify that the main character is dreaming or day dreaming as alot of students do. Another idea is a mishap while commuting such as missing the train because a crazy old homeless person with a grociery cart filled with cans and plastic bags is babbling on about the end of the world(don’t even pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about, thems old hobos be krazies). Well folks, its still a working progress but thats all for now! 🙂


HTML Experience

This is my webspace.

My experience with HTML webpage, I’d have to say was frustrating. I wanted to make an image my background but I didn’t know how and every time I tried it wouldn’t work so I just settled for the one solid shade of purple. Figuring things out in class was pretty frustrating but not as frustrating as when I started working on the webpage by myself because there was no handy dandy teacher to help me out if I was lost. Aside from it being frustrating, I have to admit, I obtained a certain satisfaction when I figured something out (like why my video’s  were all screwed up and too small) or when I did something by myself. Concidering I’m about as advanced in computer and internet technology as my mom(it takes her about 5 minutes to locate all the right letters on the keyboard and then to press them with only her index fingers in order to compose a sentence or two… ok maybe I’m not THAT bad) I’d say this project was a bit of an accomplishment for me and when I wasn’t completely frustrated with it, I actually didn’t mind creating my webpage. Hopefully I can learn how to spruce up my webspage a little it more. After all, what am I doing in a school of art and design when I can’t even make my own webpage look pretty?