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Jessica’s Final Project

For my final project I decided to make a video that focuses on color and movement, but also something that is visually pleasing to the eye. I was inspired by a Thomas Ruff piece, “substratum”, along with the swirling colors on my screen saver. These effects were obviously created by a computer, and I wanted to discover a way to physically create this effect of swirling colours. My solution was using food colouring and water. I tried to get a variety of shots, along with playing around with different lighting. I actually had a lot of fun with this project. Basically I filled a few different glass vases with water, along with my bathtub, dropped in the color, and film it’s movement and transition from one shape to the next, or one color to the next. Sometimes I would let the water be still, other times i shook the vase to see more drastic movement.

In the end I put all the clips together edited the speed. Sometimes the transition is fast, sometimes slow, simply because I edited the video to go insync with the song I have chosen “She’s a Rainbow”, which I thought was pretty appropriate considering the subject matter. I really enjoyed this project, and with probably continue with some photography of the movement of color. Enjoy the video.

My video wouldn’t load for some reason, and was timing out every time. Here is the link to my video:

The Movement of Colour

Sarah M’s Final Assignment

Wow, this was tough. Deciding was the worst part. There were so many things I wanted to do but I just can’t grasp ‘time-based media’. I’ve been trying so hard but I end up with mediocre results anyway that don’t describe my frustration and effort AT ALL. And I’m paying thousands to go here for fine art – not this. The vast majority of the first-years taking it with me agree and for me it’s been a massive pain instead of a learning experience. I don’t want to go to OCAD anymore. I hate this. It’s culinary school for me next year. I’m sorry about being so angry but I’m just so… angry. After all this I only have one thing left to give you – not an audio track like I wanted because that didn’t work out, nor a pumpkin pie instructional video like I wanted earlier because I still can’t get it to work, but a simple instructional video on how to make pasties because that’s the only thing I could bring to fruition… The only effective and successful final project attempt.

Enjoy, because I didn’t.


the final product

Joanna’s Final Film

Hi all!

For my final project, I decided to make a short film entitled “Commentary.”  I worked with my cousin (who stars in the piece) to capture some very surreal, unconventional footage. With a loose concept at first, I allowed the film to change and develop over time. I edited using iMovie. The style of the editing is quick, disjointed and at times disorienting. After trying several musical arrangements, I decided to go with Miles Davis’ Bitches Brew. I think that this song choice was a good one, as it adds tremendously to the frenetic quality of the film.  

After screening the film to some family members, and receiving many varying points of view and opinions, I was stuck with the idea to provide layers of commentary overtop of the piece itself. I wanted to explore the ideas of manipulating art and film, over saturation of the media and the inability to form one’s own opinions or interpret meaning for one’s self. The voices in the film bombard the listener with information and opinions that do not leave room for independent thought. The combination of constantly changing images and sound work as a cacophony. In this day and age the hype around a piece of art often overwhelms the art and becomes more important than it. We follow the trend and feel the way we are told to feel about art.  We are also no longer willing to suspend our disbelief. Instead we are obsessed with learning the behind the scenes knowledge. We watch films with the commentaries on, because we want to know what the actors and directors have to say. My short film plays with these ideas…

Overall, I had a great time working on this project. The editing processes became very addictive! 

Here is the Link to my video…



Final Project Idea – Charlotte

Last year I created twelve peices that were all different illustrations of traditional Ojibwe legends, and I want to build on that idea.

I’m going to create a stop-motion video of myself creating a painting that illustrates one of those stories. I’m not going to appear in any of the shots, it is just going to be of the slow process of the paint being applied. I will work with acrylics on canvas, as it is quick drying and provides opaque layers. The painting will be highlighted by a single spotlight over top of the painting on an easel so you are not distracted by the background.

My grandfather will voice over the story as the painting is being developed, and there will be some ojibwe-esque music playing in the background just to add some more interest and to add to the theme of the video.



-Have recording of story and music ready to go.

Begin preliminary drawings for the painting, begin to paint


-Finish painting w/ stop motion pictures, editing.

Sophy’s Gallery Visit

I am sorry about posting this assignment so late because I had trouble logging in the blog last week and internet problem these days.  I logged in the blog an hour before class started last week, but I only got enough time to post my final project proposal. My internet system of  home is down and I have Mondays and Fridays off, so I did not get a chance to post my review until today. I feel terribly sorry.

I went to the AGO for this assignment because I do not have to pay for the ticket and it is the most convenient gallery that I can easily travel. I live in Mississauga, so it is really hard for me to visit other galleries. I personally really like European art because my artistic style is very traditional and I got inspired the most by the European traditional painting. My favorite artists are Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo because I really like the cross-hatching style and their techniques of how they built up the values. I heard there is a great collection of European art at the AGO; therefore I went to the AGO just for the European art.

However, I was a bit disappointed about the European collection. I expected there were more famous European paintings and high-renaissance paintings. There are more modern artworks and fantasy paintings. There are only a small religious part that is very traditional: the subject matter, the high contrast and the use of smooth brushstrokes.

Although the artworks are not as traditional as I thought, I did enjoy visiting the AGO. This also inspired me to paint in a more modern way because my style is different from other students and most people at OCAD have a modern style. I tend to draw realistically all the time, but this leads to my lack of creativity. There is one part that I especially like at the AGO because there are a lot paintings with golden frames hanging on the wall like a French salon; the paintings are not realistic and they are about artists’ fantasy world. Most of them still contain high contrast, but they are not depicting reality. The paintings are still very expressive and have a clear meaning. I am just not very used to this subject matter. This also invokes me to make an artwork that is used traditional style to depict a supernatural subject matter. I feel that artworks do not have to be realistic all the time.

Val Nelson at Bau-xi Gallery

I went to Bau-xi gallery recently and saw the massive oil on wood paintings done by Val Nelson who was present at the gallery. My first glance sort of shrugged off her work as just another modern impressionist painter, but as I look closer and made connections in her work I found it to be quite brilliant. Her paintings fuse the indoors with the outdoors, nature with manmade, new juxtaposed against the classic. Very much like drawings, the paintings have an unfinished look to them, but at the same time there are probably already several layers of paint over that spot. Really great work, I’d recommend it to anyone! Right across from the AGO on Dundas.

Jonathan Hooper

Rosemary’s Final Project

Usually when I have an idea with a video, it typically begins with the score. I’ll create a narrative or an abstract collection of clips in my head while listening to a certain song or series of sounds and somehow attempt to make it tangible, and then subsequently film it to coincide with my primary vision. With this final project I decided to take a different approach and turn my crafting conventions on its head. I started by attempting to envision the subject matter first, and the thing that kept on bringing itself up in my head was the life from its ultimate beginning to its ultimate end. Coincidentally a lifespan is relevant to the media we’ve been studying in this class; they both rely on the constructs of time to exist. So using this idea and a totally different creative approach I decided to spice it up a bit and do the majority of the video abstract, mainly to test myself in the realm of videomaking. But yeah. I have a series of ideas written down but have yet to pick and choose which ones I want to take the time to arrange filming for, due to time constraints. Also, I haven’t chosen the song as of yet but wanted to pick a song with an ambient electronic feel to it to sort of coincide with the abstract. Right now I’m leaning towards something by Boards of Canada or Aphex Twin.


Saturday November 21st – decide what scenes I want to film specifically, have a song chosen.

Wednesday November 25th – have a rough storyboard, set up possible dates for filming

Thursday November 26th – good copy of a storyboard ready

Friday November 27th to Sunday November 29th – entire weekend of filming

Monday November 30th – edit the clips together roughly

Tuesday December 1st – clean up the clips and finish the video in it’s entirety