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David’s Video Project

So my video is about the seasons. Specifically Autumn. The Canadian fall is a special time of year, one where we settle back in to our general-life routines after a period of blissful warm weather and a more relaxed attitudes. Spontaneity gives way to caution as the weather cools and the leaves change color. We spend less time outdoors and much more time getting dressed to go. We tend to make plans to meet friends more, where we might have just counted on running into them at some point in the warmer months. We flip up our collars and hoods and suddenly remember all the short cuts we’ve ever known. It’s a unique time of year in that as we miss the summer, and our hands are always cold, we also try to make the most of the last bit of civil weather we will see for a long time. Because around the corner is the nasty blue monster called Winter.

Denise’s video project

My 2 minute video is titled “At the Tent”. I ended up making my video on a fashion show that I interned for. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Fashion Week was held at a tent on King St. W therefore the title “at the tent”. I had to use my own digital camera. It doesn’t have very good quality. Throughout the whole video, almost everytime the models on the runway were glowing white light, which led to not seeing the clothes. Which diminishes the idea of the video. Some shots were really shakey and the person’s head that was infront of me was seen in some shots of the video. I would definitely pay more attention to the little details if I had an oppurtunity to do this project again.

Here’s my video!

go easy on me.

Jonathan’s Video Assignment

This video project has been pretty interesting for me. I couldn’t think of an idea, making an image is one thing, but a video is another, so I struggled with this for a while. It wasn’t until this week through calling home to old friends and some thinking outside the box that I came up with an idea. And then my idea rippled into my entire video, structured out, so that I could go home this past weekend and simply shoot what I needed. My friend, Halle Mead, was thrilled to star in my short stop motion film, also featuring her two twin girls, Armandy and Ryland, both a year old. I originally had talked about working with figures emerging out of light, like the tennebrism of Gentilleschi or Vermeer, but through a little trial and error, it would have been super hard to get the light I needed. To still achieve a similar but less dramatic contrast, I shot the video at dusk on a Nikon D700 with a 50mm f1.8. While the photos don’t look like they came out of a D700, take into account I was shooting JPEG basic small to achieve long bursts (like 100+) while shooting at 5fps, and high ISO (like 6400ish) with no flash , because the batteries could never hold up at 5fps. Shot everything, then processed it in iMovie, added music, transitions, worked out the stop motion, etc. I’m really pleased with the video. The accompanying music is Cat Power’s I Found a Reason and I think it really adds to the message I was trying to send. I won’t tell you what it is because you shouldn’t look for my intentions, so make your own interpretations! 🙂

I hope you like it, it can be found here.

Jonathan Hooper

It’s Natasha again

So my youtube video definitely isn’t working properly. I’m currently uploading it again. Just for the record, my youtube video is NOT supposed to be just audio. I’m trying as hard as I can to fix what I can, this project is so frustrating! I will post a link when my youtube video is working. It will be titled appropriately as “Natasha’s short film”. Arghhhh! Stupid technology!

Natasha’s video project

Filming and editing were probably two of the more easier things to do. I’m actually still waiting for my movie to be loaded into my usb thingy-ma-bobber. Loading the video clips on to Final Cut Pro was relitively easy, and when I got the hang of it, editing was relatively easy too. Here’s the kicker, loading the movie onto my usb stick(which i’m still waiting for but the hard part is over thank the lord, oh-my-god). That was so effing frustrating, you have no idea. It’s still being uploaded on youtube right now. My video is about what i bacially go through before i go to school. I’d say it’s kind of quirky. My goal was to create a film related to student life and since I am a student and this film was basically about how I prepare for school, i think i excecuted my goal efficiently. I uploaded my movie onto my server. Hopefully it works. if not, it is currently being uploaded onto youtube, the title of the movie is unorginal title mehhhhhhh. It’s taking forever to load so hopefully it works. Please lord, let it work. Last time i checked youtube, the video had no actual visual so i really really really hope for my sake that that works itself out. If it doesn’t work, I do have the Quick Time movie (WITH VISUAL) on my usb thingy-thing. Please let me know if neither works.

Anna’s Video Project

The process I went through for my video project was very time consuming but overall rather enjoyable. I filmed a music video for the song “Everything In It’s Right Place” by Radiohead. The song is originally about four minutes long but unfortunately I had to cut it down to two. This was one of the most difficult tasks for me since I wanted to incorporate many parts of the song into my video… I cut the song down into a few parts and had some difficulty piecing it together so that it didn’t sound choppy. As for the actual filming/photographing process, it was done over the course of three nights. In the end, I had over an hour of footage… all for a two minute video. I really had to choose the best parts and cut everything down to fit it in. The editing process also took quite a while, but I enjoyed it and didn’t have many difficulties with it. This video was based off of my interpretation of the song and it is meant to be obscure… So if you get lost, you’re right where you should be.

Everything In It’s Right Place

Joelle’s Short Film…

Down to the wire!

Who would have guessed that editing was so time-consuming! 😉

I think things worked out alright, considering that this is my second try…


Things I learned:

-Don’t pick something that is unrealistically ambitious.

-Don’t get discouraged if things aren’t working out.

-Don’t leave things to the last minute.

-Don’t be too hard on yourself, it’s your very first film after all.

I can’t seem to figure out how to embed (even though we were shown twice already…)

Here’s the link

Brooke Wayne’s Video

Check it out here: Disorienting Time.
Shooting Script: Download Here.

Synopsis: A two minute video combining these key elements; time, illusion, manipulation and disorientation. Filmed in the heart of downtown Toronto at various times throughout the day and night. Looking back now, I realize I was very fortunate enough not to experience any particular technical issues during the filming and editing process. I mapped out each scene in detail, giving myself a bank of different shots to play around with for each scene, and including the time and location to shoot each particular scene. I allowed myself to have a lot of flexibility during the editing process and had no mindset on which scene was going to be sped up/slowed down. During filming, I moved around at a location, determining which particular view was most interesting and which shot fit well with the particular location based on my little plan. The part that was most challenging for me was filming an entirely seamless scene. Since I can’t exactly cut and paste to my fitting due to the nature of these scenes, I had to retry many times, and shoot more than once to give myself a pool of options. Editing was a lot of fun on the other hand, whereas I got to play around with the speed and order of the film. In the end, I am happy with my finished product and would love to have another opportunity to experiment with video again in the future.

For your viewing pleasure, I’ve also attached the “shooting script” that I mentioned. The video on my personal webspace has been re-uploaded in a more larger and higher quality version.

Sophy’s Video

The title of my video is “No Good For Fighting”. I basically did a story of two cats having a fight. One cat ate the other’s food and started out a fight, but at last the dished is flipped. Their master got mad and no one could eat the food again. I used zoon in, establish scene, point of view, long shot, bird eye shot, and close up shot. I also searched my background music from I recorded some werid noise when I was recording the video, so I recorded some videos just for the sound. I converted them into mp3 format and used them as background music as view. The video is not very good because of the limited time and other work from other classes, but I tried my best to finish it. It is very hard to ask my cats to act the way I want. It took me a long time and many shots to get the way I want. It also took me a while to search for the most suitable free soundtrack for my video.

Here’s my video, enjoy!