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Sarah’s Video Project

If anyone remembers, I said I was going to do a cooking tutorial. Well… I did, but I couldn’t convert the files into what I needed, even with Kate’s help. Oh well. So I did a whole new one yesterday after I was finally convinced that I couldn’t fix my tutorial and I was just so scared of having nothing…

Anyway, the idea behind mine was just to have a music video for a fun song and show the lyrics, and I chose L.O.V.E. by Dean Martin. If I hadn’t made it just yesterday it would’ve been much better but I can’t change what’s happened. The lyrics are supposed to be popping up like karaoke. Dino’s popular when old people get up there. 😛

Writing and cutting out all the words was the hardest part. Killed my hands. I have blisters on my fingers from knife grips. Owies. But it was worth it; this turned out like I planned for such a short creation period. And I got to use an x-ray box for the light source behind the paper. It was awesome.

Here’s my movie

Joelle’s second video proposal…

I experienced difficulties executing my original idea… So this is proposal number two.

I still plan on executing a linear collage except that the content will be lighter…

The film will be in black and white as I had originally planned; to create cohesion.  One of the main differences between my last idea is that this will will be mostly comprised of dialogue, as opposed to silent. There is no score.

The essential story is comprised of the every day events that make up our lives…  The moments between moments.  My goal in this project is to try to create a sense of light familiarity.

brianna’s video project.

okay, so this is my video. the whole idea/concept is completely different from my original idea and my proposal. i actually like this more, i think its more creative than what i was originally going to do. the song is “You’ll Find A Way (Switch and Sinden Remix)” by Santogold. it’s made up of 370 still images. the process of writing each word individually on ourselves and taking a picture of it took 2 afternoons, and editing took 2 very long nights (about 4-5 hours).. it was tedious, but definitely worth it.

– heres my video : )

Hayley’s 2-minute movie project

It is an abstract sort of contrast between where I’m from (the east coast) and where I am now (toronto) with a few moments and places from in between. I was not really familiar with movie-making before this project and wanted to use this as an opportunity to play around with effects and sounds to create a feeling in each of the clips I used. The ocad camera I borrowed had a lower quality image than my point and shoot digital camera so I ended up using a lot of things that were sort of hanging around in my laptop archives. I like the end result of my video as it has unexpected images and sounds but they all relate back to me in one way or another.


This is my video.

Sarah M’s Video Assignment Proposal

To make it brief, has anyone ever seen Hell’s Kitchen? It’s that cooking show with Chef Gordon Ramsay on it. He’s a bumhole but he’s a great cook and makes a lot of sense, and in every episode he includes a very short tutorial on how to make one of the daily dishes. I want to imitate the style of this tutorial and do my own!

Since it’s around Thanksgiving I want to do a pumpkin pie. I’m also very good at pumpkin pie. It also has tofu in it. Interested? It’ll be just like BAM, BAM, BAM, DONE, PUMPKIN PIE, and it’ll be awesome. Lots of close-ups and very short shots for speed and clarity’s sake. Here’s a link to show you what Chef Ramsay does:


Joëlle’s Video Project Proposal

I plan to create a linear cinematographic collage, featuring a central story line.

The film will be mainly in black and white with brief moments of coloured filters to emphasize specific moments. The film will contain no conversation. There will be some narration, though I am unsure at this point whether a 1st or 3rd point of view narrative will be most effective. The film will also include an underlying score.

The essential story features a woman who is experiencing a personal crisis and will depict the point where she comes to a realization and acts upon it. This central storyline will be interspersed at appropriate intervals with complementing and contrasting imagery. My goal in this project is to try to project the feelings of the central character to the viewer as well as spur a reflection.

eduardo’s video proposal

Synopsis: Night arrives and the darkness invades the city. In his room, the creature awakes. He begins to get ready for his night out.

To create this atmosphere I will use candles, shadows, and black clothes. As he gets ready the creature can’t hold back his excitement. He is going to dance, take a shower, have a good meal alongside his wine, and finally head to the balcony where he is going to fly away. He is not a terrifying monster, but a mischievous one. Not blood-thirsty, but one who just wants to have fun.

The video is not a “period piece”, rather everything is contemporary in style. My room will be the main set, and my friend will play the main character. The only difficulty I foresee, is the filming in the dark, which will be challenging for me. See below image for the lighting I want to achieve.

Charlotte’s Video Proposal

For my video proposal I want to create a short film using stop motion. The main idea will be about what happens to the things in your room when you leave. Ever since watching Toy Story my brother and I were obsessed with the idea when we were younger, so the video will be based around that idea.

The video will star y brother and his room, and will begin with him leaving the room, and then the objects will come to life and move about. He’ll come back in halfway through, and the objects will freeze in place, but not in the same place where he left them, which will then arise the suspicion, so he’ll be trying to catch them throughout.

Heather’s Video Proposal

I have decided that I am going to shoot a short movie about the frustrations that a first year OCAD student faces.  It is going to be sort of funny I hope.  The actors are going to be my friends, who do in fact go to OCAD as well and experience some of the problems I have chosen to show in my movie.

For my beginning sequence I want to have an establishing shot, where I shoot different art supplies, just to make it more clear that my movie is about art students.  I thought it might be interesting to have at least one point of view shot of a character to make it more visually interesting.  I want to do some close ups, and zoom-ins to make it dramatic for curtain shots.  But mostly I think my shots will be medium, or full body shots, with some panning.

Anna’s Video Proposal

For this project I propose to create a music video for the song “Everything In It’s Right Place” by Radiohead. Anyone who recognizes this song can understand how surreal it is. The lyrics are both simple and complex. In my perspective, these lyrics have to do with dreams and the human condition. This video will be based off of my interpretation of the lyrics and a series of dreams I’ve had.

In this video I will incorporate stop-motion, slow motion, and reverse motion. It will follow a girl who wakes up from a nightmare and goes through a series of abnormalities trying to differentiate between what is reality and what is imaginative. There will be flashing between slow motion and fast motion scenes to represent the lyrics, “There are two colours in my head.” I will be shooting this in black and white, focusing on lighting and shot techniques and editing it using iMovie.