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Anna’s Electronics Project.

I didn’t expect this project to be easy, but I also didn’t expect it to be as hard as it was. I wanted to create an LED human figure that lights up using LED motion sensors. I was unable to find motion sensors and ended up having to just use a switch to light the LED lights. Then I found a sensor that works using a light source…So the LEDs would turn on once a light is shinned on the sensor. However, this also didn’t work. The entire process was extremely frustrating for me. I tried watching youtube tutorials and doing anything I could to make all the LED lights work. I had to take apart all the wires I tried to connect, because they ended up sparking, burning out, and releasing horrible fumes. Due to time constraints, I have been forced to create a circuit using one LED and a switch. Therefore, out of all the LEDS on my project, only one works (which is slightly embarrassing). I’m not pleased with my final result and if I could I would like to fix it. I have video documentation of my process, but since I am going to submit the final product next thursday I will update my post then with a link to the video.

Stef’s Video Project


Here is my music video for Metric – Love is a place. Suprisingly the finished product looks very similar to how I was planning it to look.  Using video I enjoy the pre-production and post production process, I really dont like shooting.  But in this assignment the shooting went very smoothly and I had a lot of complications editing and transfering my video files.  Since I’m using Windows instead of mac os, I had to look up alot of information about having the right format and whatnot.  I ended up using Windows Movie Maker for cutting and placing the scenes, then I transfered it to Adobe Premieum CS4 to put in the music and special effects.

Anna’s Web Project.

My experience with creating this web space was both simple and complex. I used to really enjoy web design, so I am a little familiar with HTML as it is. The challenges I faced were working with some CSS and definitely working from home. I have a MacBook Pro, however, I do not have Fetch. Therefore, I downloaded a program called Cyber Duck, which does the same as Fetch. I had a lot of trouble trying to set it up and getting it to work. Finally, I got it to work and everything is up and running smoothly. I also had issues with trying to get the right design attributes for the links and text since I chose a busy background image. Another issue I’ve been having is uploading my screen shot. For some reason it won’t let me attach it or add it as a link.

Overall, minus the tricky tasks, I found it quite enjoyable creating this project.

Here is a link to my web space.

Sophy’s Webspace

Hi, this is Sophy and this is my webspace.

This is my first time dealing with html, so I keep it simple. I searched online to see the examples and the codes to create different style. There should be an orange border on the webpage and a different color scroll bar, but it shows differently in the school’s computers. There shouldn’t be any orange circles around the page. Maybe I used Windows at home, so it is different from Mac. I wanted to change the size of my background, but I couldn’t. I could only change the size of my photo on the page. I hope it still looks fine.